Karrigan Officially Joined Team Envy on Loan

The organization from the United States now called Team Envy announced the arrival of their fifth player for the time being, namely Finn.karriganAndersen.

Karrigan will be borrowed from FaZe Clan for the time being, to be precise until the 2019 Katowice IEM event is over.

Source: HLTV

Karrigan’s arrival to Envy began in mid-December 2018, where he was dismissed from the FaZe Clan international team.

Karrigan was indeed a topic of conversation as “exit candidates” at the time role His IGL was assigned to Nikola “NiKo“Kova─Ź.

With this he ended his career under the name FaZe Clan for the past 2 years. He will move teams and play with Envy, a team currently occupying the 40th position in the world.


The decline is quite large considering that FaZe was ranked 1st in the world. The player with the real name Finn Andersen will fill the position of Matt “Pollo“Wilson who has become stand in them in quite a long time, namely 2 months.

In addition, it is not clear who will be the IGL of Team Envy. However from role Mainly, it is likely that karrigan will be the brain of this team as the IGL of several of his old teams, including TSM / Astralis, and FaZe Clan.

Karrigan will be playing in his first NA team. Source: EnVy

The Danish player has previously given signs of his new team. He wrote down the word “Envy” in a tweet that translated “I envy (Envy) the players who will go to the major at Katowice.”

Many had guessed that he would move to Envy, and in fact it really happened, even if it was only a temporary loan.

However, it is possible that Envy will buy karrigan if the result is what they want.


Since their formation in September 2018, they have not reaped satisfactory results for an organization the size of Envy.

They had to settle for last place at DreamHack Open Atlanta 2018. They too finish at the bottom of the ESL Pro League S8 North America.

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Given the content of Envy players enough grimIt would be a shame if this team did not reap brilliant results on its journey.

Hopefully the arrival of Karrigan into this team can bring the team’s tactics and style of play tier 1 world.

With this, rooster from Team Envy CS: GO currently are as follows:

  • Stephen “reltuCCutler
  • Josh “jdm64“Marzano
  • Noah “Nifty“Francis
  • Taylor “DroneJohnson
  • Finn “karriganAndersen (Loan)
  • Kory “PERFECT” Friesen (Reserve)
Source: HLTV

Edited by Yubian A. Huda