Keen Gaming Disband Dota 2 Division? | SPIN

One of the esports organizations from China, namely Keen Gaming, is rumored to be releasing one of its esports divisions. The division that Keen Gaming will release is Dota 2, which can be said to be one of the Chinese teams that is actually quite successful in the Dota 2 International competition.

Coming in 2017, Keen Gaming is based on players from EHOME.Keen. Thanks to a solid game play, these players finally decided to no longer use the EHOME name and form their own team under the name Keen Gaming.

But shocking news suddenly came from Keen Gaming’s manager, Wu. “Fyms“Junying is looking for a new job. This was revealed by him through his Weibo lama.

source: Weibo

“As the club will be dissolving soon, we are looking for job opportunities for some of our employees, who are former cooks and cleaners at our markings,” wrote Fyms on his Weibo.

But until the time this article was published, there has been no official announcement made by Keen Gaming regarding the disbandment of Keen Gaming. Even though Keen Gaming itself is one of the founding teams of the Chinese DOTA 2 Professional Association (CDA) and is competing in the DPL-CDA League S1 tournament.

Here’s Keen Gaming’s last roster if it really does disband:

  • The “EricaShaohan (Carry)
  • Xu “Blood“Ziliang (Midlaner)
  • Zhuang “xiaofuYongfu (Offlaner)
  • Zhao “Yds. ” Jiayi (Support)
  • Yu “FantasyYajun (Support)

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source: Keen Gaming

The past 2 years it looks like China’s Dota 2 realm is not doing well. Did not manage to win The International for 2 series and the team that once won TI namely Newbee is in a match-fixing case. Hopefully Dota 2 China will quickly show its fangs again spinners! Don’t forget to keep visiting our website, to get the latest news about eSports!