KONI Finally Legalized Esports as Achievement Sports

The National Sports Committee (KONI) at the national work meeting which took place yesterday has legalized esports as an achievement sport. The news was officially announced through an Instagram account of the Indonesian Esports Executive Board (PBESI). The ratification is in accordance with the prevailing laws in Indonesia.

Reporting from Esports ID, this decision was certainly welcomed by all parties, this recognition of esports makes us know that a career as a professional gamer is a profession that is equivalent to other sports athletes.

And also, the government can intervene more seriously to develop the esports industry through various supports, as well as events that they have scheduled. One of them is in PON 2024, Mempora is trying to include esports in its activities.

PBESI’s main vision and mission will focus on finding superior Indonesian seeds who are ready to compete in the national and international esports scene, promote esports in Indonesia, serve and be responsible as an organization that houses the entire esports ecosystem in Indonesia to be more organized.

How about your response regarding the ratification of esports as a sport for this achievement, guys?