Kurus Officially Resigns from the Captain of Dunia Games

Shocking news came from one of the esports teams Arena of Valor namely Dunia Games Esports. DG Esports via Instagram announced that the captain, Kurus, has resigned.

Source: DG Esports’ Instagram

Previously, Kurus had indeed hinted that he would leave competitive AoV. This was conveyed at ESL Rivals and finally Kurus resigned from the division AoV.

Kurus is a player and captain of DG Esports. Holds the position as skinny observer. Skinny is indeed one observer best in Indonesia. The game is very wary of the opposing team.

Together with DG Esports, Kurus managed to create many achievements such as Champion 3 IGX, Champion 2 SEACA, Champion 2 Kaskus Battleground, and many more.

Kurus was also the coach of Saudara Esports when facing the ESL Clash of Nations. As a result, SES was able to beat several big teams from other countries.

skinny aov resigned
Source: Instagram Dg Esports

Skinny is also a role model at AoV. Kurus is a loyal figure in the DG Esports team. Ups and downs Skinny feel in building a team. It is proven that even though at the beginning of ASL Season 3 DG Esports did not perform well enough, DG Esports was able to turn things around so that they could qualify for the round. the grand final.

Although they have to part with the division AoV, Kurus is still with Dunia Games because he will be positioned as management. Let’s wish Kurus the best in the future. Thank you, Capt!

Editor: Yubian Asfar