Lag when playing Mobile Legends? This is the way to prevent it!

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Lag is the thing most hated by every gamer, because this lag certainly has a bad impact on the running game. In fact, not infrequently lag causes defeat in a game. For those of you who often lag while playing Mobile Legends and maybe confused about how to solve it, let’s read the following ways.

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1. Make sure your cellphone is compatible

Well, this is actually the most important thing in playing Mobile Legends and other MOBAs on your cellphone. Make sure your cellphone meets the following requirements: Android 4.0 +, min 1G RAM, 4-Core CPU. You can check this in your cellphone Settings.

2. Look for a Good and Stable Connection

The main factor causing lag is indeed the connection, but we will discuss that in more detail. First, avoid playing while driving, because the network from one place to another also varies during your trip in the car. Second, avoid playing using public Wi-Fi because usually this Wi-Fi network is divided so that the network becomes weak. Lastly, don’t forget to always check your ping before the game. If your ping is above 100, you should wait until the ping stabilizes.

Oh yeah, for those of you who are forced to use a 3G network to play, don’t worry. Just activate the speed mode in the settings section, and you will still be able to play smoothly.

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3. Effective RAM usage

First check the applications that are running on your cellphone. If there is, you should close all applications other than the MOBA you are playing to avoid lag. Because if there are too many applications running, the RAM won’t have enough space to run the game so even if your connection is stable, the game will feel choppy or lagging.

4. Change the Graphics to Low

Changing the graphics setting to low can reduce lag maybe even eliminate lag during gameplay. You can change the graphic settings in the Settings section (top right of the menu), then change them as shown below.

Well, friends, this is still a small part of how to prevent lag. If you know other ways, don’t hesitate to write them in the comments below!