Landmine Free Fire Technique, Trapped FF Enemies!

There are many types of grenades in Free Fire. One of them is Landmine. This item is arguably ferocious when used at the right time. Not only the placement of use, the timing must also be used appropriately. If you can use this item well, you can fight the enemy easily. here we will provide about techniques using Landmine in Free Fire. One item that is very dangerous if you step on it, can make you turn things around easily.

Landmine is an item that explodes when stepped on, it can be used in various ways. If you use it effectively, you can not only run away from the enemy’s pursuit, you can also beat him easily. Of course its use is not very easy and we often encounter the conditions, but it is very effective in many ways. You can also use it to set traps to lure enemies, because the damage that the landmine has is quite large.

Not only use, but a good position in its use is highly recommended. By using this item properly, you can make a suitable trap. However, putting this item should not be arbitrary, as it is not very effective in some places. If you use it well, you can set this trap and attack your enemies well. Use Bait that lures enemies into the landmine, and blast them. After that, you can attack the injured enemy to do a finisher. There are many places and techniques that you can use.

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Here we will provide tips on Techniques for Using Landmine in Free Fire. The right layout, verse, and timing can make this item very useful. You need a strategy in its use. If used properly, you only waste items for nothing. Here, we will provide references on how to use them properly and correctly as your reference.


When you run from the enemy, it is the right time to use the landmine. Run into places that are narrow or not too open, then put the landmind behind you when you have the opportunity. This can temporarily hinder the enemy when you run from the enemy.


Places like houses or buildings had many flaws that players usually passed through. You can use it as a place to put landmine. Put it under the window (in the house) or in front of the door. That way, when they enter the house, you can deal high damage.



When there is a loot drop, you can use it to put a landmine in the middle of the box. The enemy will find it difficult to realize there is a landmine there, that’s when you can give a surprise effect that can attack the enemy when they take the loot.


When you see the supply drop, you must think about picking it up. That’s when you can put landmines, to set traps. Put it around the supply drop area, that way you can inflict high damage on them.


If you want to use a better strategy, you can ask one of the players to become the bait. Put the landmine in a narrow place, when the bait goes there, make sure the enemy passes where you put the landmine. when they explode, you can attack them easily.

Those are tips about Techniques for Using Landmine in Free Fire. With a good strategy, timing and position. You can kill players or squads easily when playing later.

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