Latest FF Bug Deathmatch Free Fire 2020 Mode

The Battle Royale game certainly brings excitement to its players, both from the gameplay and the interesting modes in the game. Every player will definitely enjoy all of these things, even though sometimes they experience some difficulties or bugs. Every game, of course, will have something called a bug or error. This time there is the Latest FF Bug Deathmatch Free Fire 2020 Mode

This is purely the fault of the developer when doing an update, so that the players can feel the negative impact of it. Of course, there are bugs that benefit the players and there are also those that are detrimental to the player, so they have to tell the developer about this problem.

Bugs also often occur in the Battle Royale game, one of which is Free Fire, every time an update, there are certain bugs that you can find. Even so, Garena was immediately alert and fixed the bug problem later.

There is a famous Youtuber who plays the Free Fire game with a variety of cool Bug content in the game. He is Rendy Rangers, the inventor of various bugs in this FF game. He has started his YouTube career from 2017, until now he still presents Youtube content which is quite interesting.

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Latest FF Bug Deathmatch Free Fire 2020 Mode

Recently he just uploaded the latest video about the Latest Free Fire Bug in the game again. Video Bug is one of the content that is often on his channel, so he is the Bug King of Free Fire. This is because he likes to look for the Latest Free Fire Bugs, without ever feeling Bored.

In the latest Rendy Rangers video, this bug turns out to be in a new mode called Deathmatch. Deathmatch mode is one of the new modes presented by Garena Free Fire, therefore there are still some bugs to be found.

Rendy himself admitted that it was not him who discovered this Bug for the first time. But Cukk Gaming’s Youtube channel, which inspired him to try the bug.

Bug Deathmatch 1 Team of 8 People!

Rendy also provided several ways for this bug to occur, so that you can play Deathmatch for up to 8 people in 1 team. When Rendy has got a match, Rendy will turn off his internet connection for a few seconds while it is in the loading section.

The latest FF Bug Deathmatch Free Fire 2020 mode is the first thing you have to do when the display of loading already says “Waiting Fot Other Player”. Now you have to immediately turn on the internet network again. As a result, the Latest FF Bug Deathmatch Free Fire 2020 Mode did this successfully, thus making 1 team have up to 8 members.

If the latest Free Fire Bug with a total of 8 vs 4 players, it will certainly benefit only one party. Due to the unequal number of players, this match would not be exciting enough. The new Free Fire Bug, the team of 8 people, is certain to win easily.

Most likely this bug will be fixed by Garena immediately, because it can harm some players who experience this bug. Garena is known as a developer who wants to make his players comfortable playing, so this can’t escape Fix.

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I prefer to play free fire with friends rather than solo push rank. Because he keeps losing and also likes trolling squad mates