Latest PUBG Mobile Redeem Codes 26 October 2020!

This is the Latest PUBG Mobile Redeem Code October 26, 2020!

PUBG Mobile is a battle royale game that offers lots of interesting features to enliven the game.

There are so many things that PUBG Mobile players want to have, such as weapon skins, clothes, costumes, and other cool attributes.

However, to get these things, players usually have to pay using real money or UC which must be filled using real money.

There are few players who can afford to cash out directly from their wallet.

There are also those who are interested in these items, but are unable or not interested in spending money on a game item.

Redeem Code is a code that contains 12 combinations of numbers and letters, which can be exchanged into an item in the game.

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There is a giveaway contest with a prize of 1 million rupiah in game vouchers in the application!

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Latest PUBG Mobile Redeem Codes 26 October 2020!

Below is the PUBG Mobile redeem code for October 26 that you can try to redeem. If the redeem code doesn’t work, chances are that the code has already been exchanged by someone else.

Here’s the latest collection of redeem codes for today:

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How to Redeem PUBG Mobile Redeem Codes!

Are you confused about how to redeem the code that you got? Here’s how to redeem it:

  • Visit the official website to exchange the code.
  • put in PUBG Mobile ID you guys, to send the prize
  • put in Redeem Code that you have got.
  • put in verification code listed in the image later.
  • Take your prize on Inbox in the Pubg Mobile game.

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You have to move quickly so as not to be crowded with other people, because there are so many redeem codes that are eyeing!

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