Latest Update CS: GO Shows Operation Shattered Web, So Similar to Fortnite Characters?

Developer Valve seems to have been having a busy life lately. After the virtual reality announcement, they also launched Operation Shattered Web for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, where they introduced their actual characters to the game for the first time.

In the previous announcement, Valve confirmed that Operation Shattered Web allows players to unlock all new T and CT characters that you can use on any map.

Later that will be available as a mission reward, the new character will not offer anything that affects the gameplay. So, this Operation Shattered Web character is entirely just to give it a new look, with new voice lines and animation.

However, if you pay close attention, we think this character model looks like a Fortnite game. Because as we know the characters from Fortnite themselves have quite stylish costumes compared to most other game characters.

Operation Shattered Web is also equipped with a battle pass, which you can increase with the stars obtained by completing the weekly mission provided, and you are also presented with new cosmetics in it.

Operation Shattered Web CSGO 1
Source: Happy Gamer

An update without a new skin, it feels incomplete. Therefore, they also present a number of new weapon skins that are present in impressive numbers at Operation Shattered Web.

Apart from that, you will also find new maps, although they are only limited to non-traditional modes such as Flyingn Scoutsmann and also Danger Zone.

Source: Esports Fast, CS: GO