League of Legends Commenter Is Emotional When Seeing Patch 9.15

One of the commentators League of Legends namely Nick “LS“De Cesare looks really frustrated when he sees update the latest League of Legends patch 9.15.

LS is one of the commentators League of Legends who is known not only for his extensive knowledge of this one game, but also famous for his very different and controversial opinions.

Every time a new patch appears, he often performs some analysis with his viewers and sees what changes have occurred then explains how for the future, both in terms of meta and other effects.

league of legends commentators

Well, on patch 9.15, he recorded the entire analysis livestream and he also tried to stay calm during the process recording for YouTube videos in progress.

However, after the process recording finished, he began to unleash all his complaints about it patch the latest.

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He also explained why he was really in trouble with patch the latest. This is because patch 9.15 does not bring such big changes. It can even be said that for META or the game nothing has changed.

LS really expects a significant change in patch 9.15, but in reality it is nil. Everything is almost the same as before, what do you think?

Editor: Yubian Asfar