Leaked Elite Pass Season 26 Free Fire Cyborg FF Bundle Theme

Playing games does give a lot of the latest impressions, and will give you a cool challenge to try. For the future, the games that are on Android today, will definitely continue to be the best to compete. Now one of them is Free Fire, where this game finally became the best in 2019 yesterday. This time there is a leak of the Elite Pass Season 26 Free Fire with the theme of the cyborg FF.

Free Fire was developed directly by Garena and until now the updates are always very good, so that you players will never be bored to compete. Even now, we have the Elite Pass Season 25 free fire which presents a cool bundle.

The appearance of the Bundle too, all of them are quite good and very interesting for you to get. By using some of the best Free Fire Weapons today, it will definitely be stronger and deadly when you are in the match.

As for the appearance of the Bundle Elite Pass to season 26, it is quite good and very cool. Because what is present in the Elite Pass is the original form of the old bundle that was present in this Free Fire game.

So those of you who used to have the old bundle, don’t forget to collect the Cyborg version. Because on this occasion, we will give you the appearance of the Bundle.

Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

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Appearance of Free Fire’s 26th Elite Pass Season Bundle

  1. Girl Version Bundle

The appearance of the latest Elite Pass Season 26 Free Fire bundle is indeed quite good, but if you share the hand it looks like a small hand appearance. Now this seems to prove that the Bundle is indeed displayed as a Cyborg that is still tangible without using the original Robot Clothes.

The clothes used by this character are also quite good, even the appearance is quite tight and very beautiful. On the waist and thighs there is also a nice accessory, so all of you who have this bundle will definitely not regret it.

On the part of his head he has hair that extends to the front and at the back, there are metal-looking plugs. In addition, on the back of this Bundle, there is a black skull logo.

  1. Male Version Bundle

The looks that are presented in the Cowo bundle are pretty cool, even for the hair we are looking at this is great. For the head, the hair of the Bundle has a red color, the face that is shown is also very bold and not afraid of anything that is in his way.

The clothes are also very colorful, the dominant colors given are Black and Red. Besides that, he also seemed to be carrying a bullet from a Grenade Launcher. On the left shoulder, there is a logo that lights up. Do not forget also the hands, which have Cyborg characteristics.

At the bottom of the alias Pants, this bundle uses black and red pants and is quite nice. On the waist you will also see a belt, with a gear-like appearance in the middle.

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The appearance of these two Elite Pass season 26 bundles is indeed quite cool, in fact you might even be very interested in buying the Elite Pass later. But in the meantime all of you, can try and get the Elite Pass Season 26 bundle now.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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