Leaked Make Up for FF Girls Become Free Fire’s Latest Beard

This is a Leaked New Beard FF Make Up in Free Fire, so later when you compete, it will be better by using this look too. Whereas it was usually a cosmetic item, it would be something that caught the attention of the player. That way we can’t forget, to be able to feel all the things that will be present.

Especially from the various latest leaks on the Free Fire game right now, of course it will provide the best explanation for us to feel. Because right now the Booyah Free Fire Special Event is still one of the things that will be present as well. But now all the leaks that will appear later, I have got Esports and I need to know.

Because this is one of the leaks, it will relate to the features in the game. Curious? let’s just look at it in the article below right now.

Leaks of the Latest Beard Makeup on Free Fire

So for what Esports I get right now, it’s related to the Leaked Beard Make Up info. A character who uses things like this, then he will look like someone who is old or has grown up. Of course you shouldn’t miss the presence of this Make Up later, because the news says it comes for free.

But you also need to know that, for example, nowadays, Make Up is still something we can use to make a character’s face quite attractive. Especially from yesterday’s Wild Free Fire Wolf Bundle, you also get a special make-up for girl characters. But if those who are present in this leak, it turns out to be different from that, huh.

Beard Faces for Girls?

The make-up for Jenggotan’s face, which will be present later, reportedly can be used on male or female characters. So of course things like this are the most Unique Cosmetic items, where you can get different looks. Maybe with this appearance like that, it will make you a big attraction for other players too.

Where usually the female character must have a cool bundle, with an effect and definitely a beautiful face. But you are different from all of that, because the Bundle you wear is cool and when you see the Face part changes drastically. You could say this is funny and annoying too, because he wants to see a beautiful character’s face instead he uses a bearded make-up.

It is not yet known when something like this will appear, but maybe you are curious to be able to get this cool make-up. But it might be present in a Top Up Event, so just prepare some money so you can use it later. But you can try the Free Fire Free Top Up Tips, because this is one of the things that is quite interesting.

You can also read the Leaks of Free Fire’s Latest Halloween Bundle, this is one of the Bundles that might be presented quite interestingly. Especially if we need to know too, there are other Make Ups present in the Bundle too. So maybe you won’t be able to miss this either, because the bundles that are available now are still quite good and very interesting for you to try using.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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