Leaked Roster ONIC Esports MPL Season 7, Have you ever played at MDL?

Leaked Roster ONIC Esports MPL Season 7, Have you ever played at MDL?

ONIC Esports is one of the teams that adds to its roster for the upcoming MPL Season 7.

The news came from Butsss, one of the ONIC Esports players through MPL Quickie Episode 8.

During the event, Butsss was asked by the hosts, namely Clara Mongstar and Ranger Emas about the number of ONIC Esports roster in MPL Season 7.

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As previously known, the MPL Season 7 roster lock was on January 11, 2021, so the entire MPL team should have given the name of the roster for the upcoming MPL Season 7.

Butsss who was asked about the number of his roster answered out loud eight people. As revealed below.

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“Butsss, how many are there now at ONIC Esports?” asked Clara.

“Same, eight,” answered Butsss.

“Eight, means three who is Butsss?” asked the Gold Ranger this time.

“The three of them, right CW, then one more Kiboy, another one from MDL is there,” answered Butsss.

Quite interesting the Butsss statement as it only mentions one more of MDL. As we also know that the rumor that SamoHt, a former Siren Esports player, is leaving and going to the team above the sky (nicknamed ONIC Esport). But at that time Butsss also denied the news that SamoHt had entered ONIC.

Let’s just wait, because if an MDL player, SamoHt, who comes from Siren Esports, Butsss could really mean it, even though Butsss’s next statement did not admit it.

Just wait for the latest update because the official announcement of SamoHt is not yet anchored anywhere.

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