Leaks of the latest female Colonel FF LC Bundle on Free Fire in May 2020

Until now, a game in the world must have had a different total player. For example, like this Free Fire android game. Where the total players who have played it, reach more than 250 million from all corners of the world. That way, this game will also be developed even better by Garena.

If you play the Free Fire game, there are lots of unique features that you can try into the match. One of them is the Bundle, which is an accessory item for a character. Even then, we will have the Elite Pass Season 25 with a cool bundle too.

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Bundles in the Free Fire game have different ways of earning. You can get it through Luck Royale or through the Shop. Yesterday, Blue Angle Bundle got the latest discount for winning the Discount Vote.

In the future too, you will definitely want to get lots of bundles to make it look quite sultan and cool. Because of that, from within Luck Royale you can try Tips for Getting the Grand Prize in this feature. Guaranteed prizes, it must be good.

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The current bundle will indeed appear on all Free Fire game servers. But not all of them appear simultaneously, for example, like the current Brazilian Server. Where there is a new bundle in Diamond Royale, but only recently appeared.

Intrigued by what bundle is it? Listen directly to the article below.

LC Colonel Bundle Comes to Free Fire

As for the Indonesian server, this bundle has been presented by Garena and can be tried by the players. But strangely, in Brazil, I don’t know why this bundle is quite late. As usual, Brazil is the server with the fastest updates if this problem.

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This Bundle Colonel LC is officially present in Brazil on May 21, 2020. Therefore, players on the server have prepared a lot of Diamonds so they can get this cool Bundle. But for Commander LC, it has been presented at the event on that server.

It is possible, for the appearance of this girl bundle to be presented at a different time difference. Maybe in Brazil, Garena is eager to get his players to get the male version of the Bundle for longer. This is just a prediction, the Girls Bundle is here and the Boys Bundle is gone.

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Colonel LC Woman Free Fire

By having a bundle like this, of course later you will be able to Create a Cool Free Fire Account right now. Because it’s been proven, you already have a pretty good and cool bundle. In Indonesia alone, this bundle has been tried and obtained by many players.

So if you haven’t got it, just Spin at Luck Royale and get this Bundle. Because not forever, Diamond Royale will have the same prize. So that you too, can’t miss this problem.

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By getting lots of cool bundles, of course you will be seen by others as Sultan. Therefore, Spin and get the cool Bundle right now.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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