Leaks of the Latest FF Bundle Free Fire Baseball April 2020, Can You Hit the Ball?

Free Fire is a Battle Royale game that is quite famous until now, and is even one of the best games in the Playstore. Free Fire also has various kinds of latest and interesting updates that you can try, this way you players will never get bored playing the game. This time there is a leak of the newest FF Bundle Baseball Free Fire April 2020 which you can get later when the update is released

As we know, this April, there will be many new updates to the Free Fire game. This Free Fire game will immediately perform maintenance to include the update, this way you can feel new and fun things later.

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Free Fire is published directly by Garena, so updates and events that have been presented up to now are very well maintained. Not only that, they are also very fond of presenting really cool new bundles.

Of course this way, you can buy or get the bundle. The characters you use will be even cooler if you use Bundles. This is because the Bundle that is presented in the Free Fire game is an accessory to make your character cool.

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As we all know, this game already has various types of cool bundles. One of them is the Sports Bundle theme, we have the presence of Rugby Sports and Motor racing bundles.

Now on this occasion there is a leak of the April 2020 FF Bundle Free Fire Latest.

Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

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Free Fire Pitcher and Catcher Latest Bundle Leaks

As we know, the pitcher is an important position in a baseball team. A Pitcher’s job is to throw the ball at the beginning of the game, of course, the Pitcher must have a high hand movement speed.

As for Cather himself, is someone who keeps Cather’s throwing ball to start the match from bouncing away. If Pither throws it, then Cather catches him.

April 2020 Women’s Latest Free Fire Baseball Bundle

Now, recently there is a new leak about other Sports bundles in the Free Fire game. This leak turns out to be about the latest Bundle, where there will be 2 Bundles for Girls and Boys Baseball.

Leaks of the Latest FF Bundle Free Fire Baseball April 2020

Of course, this will later complement the additions to the Sports Bundle list in the Free Fire game.

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This bundle has different duties, the girl is the Pitcher and the guy is Cather. The two of them are of course baseball players, most affected in this Free Fire game. In fact, the appearance of these two Bundles is quite cool, and very interesting to get.

For the girls, the look of this bundle is completely light pink which is pretty good. In the girl’s bundle too, she has a baseball glove on the back of her waist.

April 2020 Men’s Latest Basebal Bundle

Now for guys, he looks blue and white. Not only that, he also has a face shield on his shoulders and a glove on the back of his waist.

Reportedly, the leak of the Latest FF Bundle Baseball Free Fire April 2020 will be here a little later than now. Given that there are already a lot of Bundle queues, which will also be coming soon. One of them is the elite police gold royale free fire bundle that you can get soon.

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So, those are some information on the April 2020 Free Fire FF Bundle Leaks that we can convey on this occasion. How? Do you want to collect this bundle too?

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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