Leaks of the Mysterious Free Fire FF Box Update April 2020, Hide the Emergency!

Now we have reached April, of course there will be many new updates in the Free Fire game. With the emergence of these updates, of course the players will have many new and interesting things. So that they, too, will never be bored when playing the Free Fire game. This time there is a leak of the April 2020 Free Fire Mysterious FF Box Update that you can use to hide.

As we know, there are many new things that you can try, soon in the Free Fire game. Of course this way, later you can take advantage of all of these things. All updates presented by Garena in the Free Fire game, of course, include the feature elements too.

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Now all of the features presented by Garena in the Free Fire game are of course quite useful for the players to use. There are features to get weapon skins or bundles, in-game features and many other features.

Even later, Garena will bring up a new character and a new Pet soon. Of course this is eagerly awaited by many players, because they can feel the abilities of the characters who will be coming soon.

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In addition, there are still many leaks of updates that are quite unique in the future. All these leaks have been given directly by Garena. You yourself don’t have to worry about waiting and no longer be curious about it later.

Now on this occasion we will provide information on the April 2020 Free Fire Mysterious FF Box Update Leaks

Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

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Leaks of the Mysterious Box in the Next April Free Fire Game

Now in the posts in Garena’s Fanspage, it turns out that there is a new update that will be coming soon. Even in this update, there is something new that has never been seen before. Garena brings up a Clue Update, where later there will be a box which is quite mysterious.

Of course this makes many players curious about what functions can be obtained from this Box. But to be clear, this feature will later be present in the game. That way, you don’t need to be curious about where this Mysterious Box is.

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Can Hide in Box Free Fire!

It is also reported that this box has a very unique use. Where the use is the same as the Tong in the match, you can reportedly hide in this box and outwit the enemy.

In this way, you will be quite agile and able to avoid enemies with the help of this box. This feature is rumored to be coming soon on April 8th. Even later, there are other leaked updates that you can get.

With the addition of this feature, of course the Free Fire game is quite unique and far more interesting, of course. Until now, Garena is still trying to bring many updates and features that are interesting enough for the players to try.

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So, those are some information about the April 2020 Free Fire Mysterious FF Box Update Leaks that we can convey on this occasion. What do you think? Will this Box compete with the ability of the Red Tong in the match?

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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