Leaving Newbee, SanSheng Announces Break from Competitive Dota 2

Newbee again was forced to find new players. One of their new players, Wang “SanSheng“Zhaohui decided to take a break from being competitive Dota 2.

The player who successfully brought Newbee to become the champion of The International 2014 decided to take a break from being competitive because of personal desires.

Source: Newbee Fanpage

Previously, SanSheng was a player with Wen “awen“Lipeng, a player from Newbee’s second team, namely Mr. Game Boy.

The presence of SanSheng brought positive results by winning the Thunder Fire Spring League and qualifying for the MDL Disneyland Paris Major through open qualifiers.

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Unfortunately, he failed to get Newbee through to the main event tournament and failed to qualify for main event OGADota PIT Minor 2019 after having to settle for third place after being defeated by EHOME.

Source: Newbee Fanpage

Here are the current Newbee players:

  • Xu “Moogy“Han
  • Song “Sccc“Chun
  • Wen “awen“Lipeng
  • Yan “Waixi“Chao

SanSheng was previously active as a player Dota 2 from 2012 with TongFu. He successfully won 7-8 in TI 2 and successfully won fourth place with TI4.

SanSheng (second from left) with Newbee after receiving the Guinness World Record award after winning TI4 Source: Liquipedia Dota 2

After almost 2 years together TongFu, he decided to move to Newbee. In addition to successfully winning TI4, he has successfully won the 2014 World Cyber ​​Arena, the 2014 IeSF World Championship, and the 2014 National World Electronic Sports Open.

He finally became Newbee’s coach from 2016 and ended in mid-2018 after bringing Newbee to be satisfied with ranking 13-16. He was a coach at Team Serenity before finally returning to Newbee as a player.

It is not yet known who will replace SanSheng’s position. However, through the announcement on fanpage, they will announce a replacement in the near future.

Editor: Yubian Asfar