Leaving TNC, March Officially Strengthens Team T1!

March at T1 is unique news for some people considering that the player is the foundation of SEA’s strong team, namely TNC Predator. In fact, March’s departure from the team invited Kyle to comment on the TNC team.

T1 itself is an esports team based in South Korea, especially with a team League of Legends which is already famous.

Then, March came after 1 year of dedication and ended in September 2020 at TNC. After a month, March joined T1 but not as a player, but as a coach.

Korea Effect?

March or who has the full name Park Tae-won is a player figure Dota 2 32 years old who now fills the position of head coach for the T1 team. From a separate region, T1 fills Southeast Asia because it is East Asia, in this case South Korea does not have a competitive place for competition Dota 2.

The figure of March fills the void left by cCarter and leads the competition adventure with his assistant, Pyo “MP“No-a which was also announced as part of T1.

This information itself was announced through the T1 twitter account.

The player’s adventure itself is quite tortuous, having previously played for the Among Us V2 team together with Kuku and Abed. DOTA Summit 13 is a match for the new team full of stars, even though the results are quite satisfying for the new team.

March also has experience training the esports team, Fnatic, at The International 9 event, even though the results are very bad, which is in the order of 13-16 or low.

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This player also had a 2-year break to carry out the compulsory military service, but for recorded experience, March filled 12 years of dedication in the world of esports.

March was asked to bring a dominant presence and a distinctive style of play under the name of the T1 team. Indeed, even though it is filled with many stars, T1 has not been able to compete with top teams in SEA such as TNC Predator, Fnatic, BOOM Esports, Geek Fam, and Reality Rift.

Source: ONE Esports

After releasing Meracle, the T1 roster was still fairly strong, including:

  • Muhammad “inYourdreaM“Rizky
  • Samson “Sam_HSolomon Hidalgo
  • Tri “Jhocam“Kuncoro
  • Wilson “PolosonKoh Chin Wei (Captain)
  • Pyo “MPNo-a (Assistant Coach)
  • Park “MarchTae-won (Coach)

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It takes one more player who will fill the carry position after Meracle’s departure from T1’s body. Of course after March there will still be other surprises, who will be the newest T1 retainer?

Not a clear admin.