Legendary Team, Made in Brazil, Brings Legendary Players from SK Gaming

Made In Brazil, the name of the legendary team from the country of Brazil has announced its “comeback” roster. MiBR manages 5 players SK Gaming now.

Made In Brazil is one of the most successful organizations in parts of South America, especially in the 2000s. At that time, they were one of the best teams in the world, and had won many international tournaments at that time, such as ESWC 2006, DreamHack Winter 2007, IEM III, GameGune 2008, and the American Championship Finals.

In their history, MiBR has spawned many star players who have survived to this day, for example Lincoln “Fnx” Lau and Bruno “Beet”Five who are currently strengthening the Não Tem Como team.

Made In Brazil won DreamHack Winter 2007

News of MiBR’s comeback came from one of the international journalists, Jarek “DeKay” Lewis. He wrote that the owner was off ImmortalsNoah Whinston has purchased the “Made In Brazil” brand, which means the North American organization can revive the mibr from the grave.

This is all reinforced by a statement from Noah Whinston himself about his determination to develop the CS: GO esports scene in Brazil.

“We will cooperate with the Brazilian team,” said Noah. “This year and next year, we will be 100% involved in Brazilian esports”

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The plan, there is press conference by MiBR on their comeback, with their CS: GO roster, namely SK Gaming. It is not surprising because the actual ownership of the SK Gaming roster is currently owned by Immortals. This was also reinforced by a photo leaked by a Brazilian insider showing the five SK Gaming players wearing the new MiBR jersey.

And finally right on June 23, 2018, Made In Brazil held a press conference, and presented a teaser video

MIBR’s new roster will make his debut at ESL One Cologne from July 3-8 at the Lanxess Arena, Germany. If you want to know the progress of MIBR right away, you can follow their twitter here.

This means that the five SK Gaming players will carry the legendary name of Brazil who has been on hiatus for 6 years. Let’s hope that in the future MiBR will return to the international stage!

With this, the roster Made In Brazil is as follows:

Edited by Jabez Elijah