Let’s Complete Quest Battle Pass Winter Major 2017 – Part 2

After yesterday we discussed the Path of the Paragon which was the first path in Winter Battle Pass 2017, in the second part this time we will discuss Path of the Inquisitor, which is the second path of the three existing paths. Are there still some quests that haven’t been completed due to confusion? Ok, let’s just solve it!

Path of the Inquisitor

  • They’re Everywhere
    Task: Pick up or bottle a Bounty Rune
    Hero: All heroes can.
    Tip: Always keep an eye on the timer, make sure that on even minutes you are near one of the places where the bounty runes spawned.
  • Scan Artist
    Task: Scan successfully to enemies outside the fountain.
    Hero: All heroes can.
    Tips: You can spam your scans whenever you want when you see enemies in the mini map.
  • My Time is Precious
    Task: Win the game before the game touches the 35:00 minute.
    Heroes: Pugna, Jakiro, Leshrac
    Tips: Picking heroes with skills that give damage to buildings is a good choice. In addition, “troop carrier” heroes are also highly recommended, such as Chen, Nature’s Prophet, and Lycan. Playing in parties is also better because you will be more able to coordinate later.
  • Timely Interruption
    Task: Throw the enemy’s channeled spell.
    Heroes: Earthshaker, Sandking, Vengeful Spirit.
    Tips: There are lots of heroes to choose from to thwart channeled spells. Even items such as Skull Basher, Abyssal Blade, Monkey King Bar, can be used to complete this mission.
  • Spree Positioning
    Task: Get kills or assists after using Blink Dagger.
    Heroes: The initiation heroes take precedence. Slardar, Ax, Tidehunter, Enigma.
    Tips: Yes, there are many heroes who can complete this quest. As long as he can maximize the blink he has. However, some heroes like Insisiai heroes are more suitable for this quest.
  • Big Fish
    Task: Touch level 25
    Hero: With carry heroes, of course this quest will be easier to complete.
    Tips: Sometimes, the game we want to bring late game turns out to be able to be completed in the mid game. Now, that’s why buying Tome of Knowledge is very necessary and diligently taking the Bounty Rune.
  • And This One Goes Three
    Task: Use Force Staff on teams and enemies.
    Hero: All heroes can. Heroes with the standard Force Staff build take precedence.
    Tips: You can spam the Force Staff each item is not cooldown. Just make sure, you guys have completed this quest before the game ends.
  • Root Force
    Task: Use Rod of Atos on the enemy.
    Heroes: Skywrath Mage, Outworld Devourer, Ancient Apartment.
    Tips: You can spam this item when you meet an enemy, because it only has 16 seconds cooldown. But remember, if you think there will be a clash, first save your Rod of Atos spam.
  • Veiled Threat
    Task: Give buffs from Veil of Discord to 2 or more enemies.
    Heroes: Zeus, Ember Spirit, Earthshaker, Venomancer
    Tips: Your job is only to give buffs, if you can buff 2 enemy heroes or more, that’s enough. You don’t need to do follow-up damage to the enemy who was hit by the buff before.
  • Show Me A Magic Trick
    Task: Give a number of magic and pure damage to the enemy.
    Heroes: Timbersaw, Invoker, Queen of Pain, Zeus
    Tips: All you have to do is keep doing as much damage as you can. That’s why the 4 heroes above are highly recommended.
  • Negate The Negative
    Task: Remove buffs from enemies.
    Heroes: Heroes who generally make Mekans and Arcane Boots.
    Tips: Guardian Greaves is an expensive item. Sometimes, there are several supports that can afford it, sometimes offlaners are more assigned to buy. The thing that you need to pay attention to is, not all skills can be debuffed, for that you must be diligent to open Greaves every time a buff enters your team.
  • Herbicidal Tendencies
    Task: Destroy trees
    Heroes: Timbersaw, Nature’s Prophet, Batrider
    Tips: Many heroes are able to destroy trees, but the 3 heroes above are highly recommended.
  • Earn Your Creep
    Task: Get a number of last hit targets
    Hero: All heroes can because they are not quests with single victory.
    Tips: To make it easier to use hero carry, so this quest can be completed in one or two games.
  • None Of That Now
    Task: Give mana to the enemy burn
    Hero: Antimage with Manta Style, Phantom Lancer with Diffusal Blade.
    Tips: There is also an Invoker who easily burns mana with EMP or Nyx Assassin with his Mana Burn skill.
  • No Chain No Gain
    Task: Cast Arc Lightning and hit 3 or more enemies, and produce some magic / pure damage.
    Tips: You will find it difficult to be able to complete this quest at the beginning of the game. You will only be able to finish in the mid or late game because it will hit 3 enemies. For damage problems, you will be able to solve it faster using Veil of Discord.

Make sure you complete this path with a minimum of 40 stars, then you will get the Zeus style set unlock, Bearing of the King Restored.

For those who missed the first part, you can immediately read on this link. For the third part, please wait!