Let’s Complete Quest Battle Pass Winter Major 2017 – Part 3

The last part of the series “Let’s Complete the Battle Pass Winter Pass Major 2017 Quest” will present a Part of the Skrimisher which, when viewed, invites us to farm throughout the game. Is it difficult? It seems not if you are a carry player.

Path of the Skrimisher

  • Recidivist
    Task: Get a streak kill.
    Hero: All heroes can, hero core takes precedence.
    Tips: Core heroes should be reliable for this mission. You just need to be careful and take the chance to kill and don’t get killed.
  • Free Range Clickin ‘
    Task: Kill a number of creeps and ancient creeps.
    Hero: All heroes can, hero core takes precedence.
    Tips: If you use a hero core, this mission will be easy to do. Keep farm as usual.
  • Find No Sanctuary Here
    Task: Destroy a number of shrines in several games.
    Hero: All heroes can.
    Tips: To get 3 stars from this mission, you need at least 4 games. So, be patient for this one mission.
  • Performing To Expectations
    Task: Get a number of kills in several games.
    Hero: All heroes can, hero core takes precedence.
    Tips: Core heroes should be reliable for this mission. If you are lucky, you only need 2x the game to complete this mission to get 3 stars.
  • Hard To Walk Away
    Task: Use Echo Saber to slow down enemies.
    Heroes: Monkey King, Slark, Lifestealer
    Tips: Monkey King is the best choice considering the Wukong Command also provides a slow buff from the Monkey King illusion.
  • Fluid Dynamics
    Task: Evade or disjoint enemy attacks, some of which are spells.
    Hero: Windranger, Anti-Mage.
    Tips: Windranger is the number one choice, considering that Windrun is 100% evasion. And use Blink to disjoint the spell. The alternative is Anti-Mage who can get evasion via Butterfly and Blink to disjoint.
  • Get On With It
    Task: Kill a number of enemies before the 15th minute.
    Hero: Pudge, Spirit Breaker.
    Tips: ganking heroes who are powerful at the beginning of the game can be relied on. Or do a party to make communication easier in a gang.
  • Let Me Show You Something
    Task: Give some damage after invisible.
    Heroes: Riki, Clinkz, Slark, Legion Commander.
    Tips: The first 2 heroes have invis skills which of course can be used to quickly complete this mission. Slark and LC with Shadow Blade builds can also be good alternatives.
  • Doubles Down
    Task: Double Kill.
    Hero: All heroes can, hero core takes precedence.
    Tips: If you have enough farm and your items are overpowered against the enemy. Double kill is not a difficult hall.
  • Storm In A Battle
    Task: Damage the enemy through chains from Maelstorm and Mjolnir.
    Heroes: Ember Spirit, Sniper, Lone Druid, Medusa
    Tips: You just need to play as usual. This one mission is not that difficult. And it will finish with 3 stars.
  • Knee-Buckler
    Task: Give a certain amount of damage in one hit.
    Heroes: Phantom Assassin, Tempar Assassin, Sven.
    Tips: PA is definitely the best choice. However, TA and Sven can also be relied upon when making Desolator and Daedalus.
  • Breaking Point
    Task: Use Silver Edge to break enemies.
    Heroes: Slark, Monkey King, Lifestealer, Dragon Knight
    Tips: Take this mission when there is an enemy who has annoying passive skills and needs to be broken.
  • Purchasing Power
    Task: End the game with the listed GPM.
    Heroes: Alchemist, Medusa, Anti-Mage, Luna, Naga Sirens
    Tips: The 4 heroes above are heroes who will easily meet the target if they farm properly. You just have to win.
  • You Keep Me Going
    Task: Obtain a number of lifesteams sourced from right-click.
    Heroes: Lifestealer, Wraith King, Monkey King, Legionn Comander.
    Tips: aggressive play is one of the keys to getting 3 stars. Moreover, it is added with items that support your lifesteal.
  • A Void Punishment
    Task: Give damage from Mana Vooid that hits 2 or more enemies and give a certain amount of mana burn to the enemy.
    Hero: Anti-Mage.
    Tips: Giving mana to burn may be relatively easy, but Mana Void needs careful calculation. You have to make sure you will be in the war more often than split push or rat for that.

With the presence of this article, the series of guides for completing the Battle Pass Quest is over. Hopefully you can get all the sets given and get the unlock too.

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