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Again, a team announcing its future in the new season. After yesterday we heard that Team Empire brought back yoky- as its player, this time the giant from the Bamboo Curtain Country, namely LGD Gaming, announced an overhaul of his team to face 2018.

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This announcement was made by LGD Gaming via their Weibo account which states that their current roster is filled by a potential roster. Is Chalice, who is predicted to have good skills to become an offlaner. He, who was transferred from Team MAX, of course knocked out other strong candidates like MoonMeander. Yes, MoonMeander reportedly participated in the trial for this team.

MoonMeander, failed trial

As for YAO, with this announcement it was also announced that he chose to be inactive. So that Fy, who was previously positioned as an offlaner, will return to his original role, namely support. Hand in hand with the new roster, xNova, which we saw last time as a stand-in for the Clutch Gamers team.

While the midlane position remains the same filled by Somnus. When the carry that was left by Ame and filled by Sea Wew some time ago, Ame filled it again. This also creates rumors that Ame is no longer in tune with YAO.


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That way, the current roster of LGD Gaming is as follows:

  1. Wang “Ame“Chunyu
  2. Lu “Somnus 丶 M“Yao
  3. The “Chalice“Shenyi
  4. Xu “fy“Linsen
  5. Yap Jian “xNova ” Wei

Later, in early 2018, as reported on their Weibo, this potential roster will face 3 qualifying rounds, namely PGL, ESL One Katowice, and SLi Invitational.

Will they return to their glory like in the first semester of 2017 when LGD Gaming was so feared? Can they rise from measurability after The International 2017?

Let’s hope that Chalice will become a wonder kid, who reportedly won 8000 MMR in just 6 months since he got to know DOTA 2.Also, fy returns to his original position, which later of course we will wait for fy’s actions with his flagship hero, Rubick. .

Good luck LGD Gaming for 2018!