Ling, the new hero in Mobile Legends who can jump over walls!

Yesterday, we had a new hero on the advanced server who is currently being talked about by the players Mobile Legends. This new hero comes equipped with skills that are both OP and annoying, and if based on our predictions, he will become a tire and nerf subscription hero in the future, the hero is named Ling.

This Ling has a skill that can make him stand or jump on a wall and attack enemies from above the wall. Ling Mobile Legends have abilities that are quite similar to various other heroes, for example in Onmyoji Arena named Mannendake.

As is skill that, he is able to jump between walls and you will be very easy to do steal buff, push turret as well as escape. He used to have the name Qing Que, but changed to Ling.

Ling Mobile Legends
Images: Instagram @ML_Leak

This new hero has very high mobility, arguably similar to Fanny’s mobility. So that when you want to chase Si Ling, you will definitely be overwhelmed because he will benefit greatly from skill who can jump over the wall.

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Not only that, it also has a passive where when you use your ultimate, 4 swords will appear and if you take it, it will hit.reset cooldown skill 2 and restore 5 energy hers. Absolutely over power, right?

Here is a gameplay from Ling we took from YouTube Hororo-chan:

Even so, considering that Ling is still at the Advanced Server, it is possible that he will have some changes skill as well as the status you have when you log in to the Original Server. What do you think? Interested in trying to be a jumping squirrel? Hahaha.

Editor: Yubian Asfar