List of Movies The Rulers of Hell Are Cruel And Can Threaten All Mankind

Lots of films have stories about the mythology of Satanism, including discussing the cruel guards of hell. Usually the guardian of hell is called the cruel ibis.

In this article, we will discuss several films that tell the story of humanity who fights against the cruel rulers of hell. With a story that carries the fantasy genre, of course, it will make the audience like the plot of the film.

Lucifer (2016)

This depiction of the film Lucifer is a ruler of hell in the Lucifer moningstar universe who leaves his throne and goes to Los Angeles. After a long time he came down, it turned out that the world he came from was getting worse, even more so there were rumors that would destroy the earth.

He was finally moved to protect the earth, will he succeed in protecting the earth from the attacks of other rulers of hell.

Preacher (2016)

It is told of a preacher who wants to embark on a mission to rule the earth, the war finally begins, with his friend he tries to dominate the entire city, not until there he wants to turn this earth into hell.

Once upon a time a hero was born with his mysterious power. Will the mission to rule the world be successful?

Lucifer (2014)

In this film, it tells of a man named Lucifer, who descends from heaven to hell. Then he passed the earth and wanted to stay longer on earth. For so long he lived on earth, this Lucifer forgot his mission to go to hell.

Will this Lucifer be able to return to hell, like his mission at the beginning of the story.

Underbelly Files: Tell Them Lucifer Was Here (2011)

Tell Them Lucifer Was Here itself tells of a sadistic murder that took place in 1998, although this film is not based on an ancient historical site about hell, but in terms of the main character such as the ruler of hell who wants to rule the world by killing innocent people. .

Will the local police succeed in thwarting the plans of a group of people named Tell Them Lucifer Was Here?

The following is a film recommendation about the mythological creature that keeps the hell, hopefully you all like it. Thank you