Lockdown Makes CS: GO Skyrocket! | SPIN

One of the best FPS games in the world, namely Counter Strike: Global Offensive or familiarly known as CS: GO since the beginning of 2020, their game has always been played by more than thousands of gamers from all over the world. Even though the competition in FPS games is very tight, the counter strike: global offensive is still able to stand up to be the best.

In addition, there is currently an outbreak of the corona virus, which has made many countries run a lockdown status, making their citizens unable to go anywhere. As a result, people must be affected by the lockdown, and require them to stay at home and fill their spare time by playing games such as CS: GO.

Of course this is an advantage in itself for the counter strike game developer itself because their game is very salable in the market. There have been many new records that they have broken earlier this year, and most recently CS; GO has reached their most players.

source: CSGO Wallpapers

According to their official blog, CS: GO has now managed to reach a record high number of players of 26.2 million people in April 2020, an increase of about 30% increase in the number of unique users when compared to last March.

Developers keep updating continuously, such as weapon skins, new music kits, weapon fixes, and bugs to improve the gaming experience. This has made CS: GO more and more attractive to its players, whether they are active, new, or old players who are returning to playing CS: GO.

Even though CS: GO itself has serious competitors, from Riot Games, where they have just released a game called Valorant. There have been a lot of people who have welcomed the game, it is not uncommon for some of the pro game players to decide to leave the game and try their luck at Valorant.

But once again CS: GO is still the main choice considering the game has been around for a long time, and is ingrained for pro FPS game players. Don’t forget to keep visiting website us, to get the latest eSports news!