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Get 1 Free Fire character for free, just choose! Of course, with the excitement of Free Fire’s third anniversary this August there will be a lot of benefits for players. Starting from events that can provide lots of items and skins, patches as well as lots of content updates, and of course free gifts for you loyal Free Fire players.

In celebrating Free Fire’s third anniversary, this time there is something very interesting for you, a free character. Yes, Garena for free will give you free characters that you can choose easily. This is quite natural in Garena’s game because during AoV’s birthday, players were also given random free heroes from the box. But unlike Free Fire, you just have to choose.

Starting to shake the world of battle royale shooters in Indonesia in 2017, stepping on their third year Free Fire will never end providing tons of free content and entertainment for their loyal players. Of course this is very beneficial for you because with this, the players can get a lot of profits.

Therefore it is important for you to know about this annual free event from Free Fire. By logging in, you can get free characters for free. Even better, because you just have to choose so it’s not random and test your luck.

Get 1 Free Fire Character for Free

Welcoming the third anniversary of Free Fire, this time the battle royale game published by Garena will provide many benefits to its players. How not, you can choose 1 free character for free.

This August event really spoiled the players. Starting from events that can give prizes to complete character trials, Magic cube fragments, and free diamonds. Above, yes, as we will discuss this, namely free characters that you can have for free.

But unfortunately this character event has a character pool limit. For those who don’t know, it means that not all of the characters you choose will be from the character list. Some of the characters that are not visible from the pool are Alok, Kapella, and Jota as the three most popular characters. For those who are curious about the characters you can choose

The following is a list of free fire characters for free:

  • A124
  • Antonio
  • Kelly
  • Kla
  • Laura
  • Maxim
  • Moco
  • Paloma
  • Rafael
  • Steffie
  • Shani
  • Wukong

The 12 characters from the pool that you can get means that the total characters in Free Fire are incomplete. But free things are of course still accepted so it’s better to use this to complement your character.

You can get this character on August 22 or on Peak Day. It doesn’t even stop there because you can get a free awakening shard to give awakening to your character.

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That is information about Get 1 Free Fire character for free later in Free Fire’s third anniversary event which is of course very easy to follow. Just log in and redeem your favorite character. Also follow our social media on Instagram.

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