LoL RNG frontman, Jian “Uzi” Zihao Becomes a Nike Brand Advertising Star!

When the presence of a sponsor from brand unconventional like Indomie is able to be present in esports. This time brand a sport from North America, Nike has also entered the realm of esports.

Not as a sponsor, but Nike brought one of the esports athletes League of Legends well-known, Uzi as an advertisement star.

This news came last Friday (19/10/18), Nike has officially signed a contract with one of the players LoL Royal Never Give Up (RNG), Jian “Uzi“Zihao. Uzi will star in Nike product fish along with LA Lakers and NBA stars, LeBron James also an actor from China, Bai Jingting.

Besides Uzi, there is also NBA player LeBron James and actor from China, Bai Jingting. Source: Nike.

According to reports, this fish will promote the campaign’s marketing slogan “Dribble &“Belongs to Nike. This ad also relates to an upcoming Nike documentary series entitled “Shut Up and Dribble“.

Uzi with a shirt that says “DRIBBLE & CARRY”. Source: Nike.

In this advertisement, Uzi is wearing a plain black shirt, which reads “Dribble & Carry“, Which means” Carry “. It means that Uzi is able to bring his team, RNG to victory in the competitive arena LoL.

Uzi’s withdrawal to the Nike advertisement is the first time for this company from the United States to hook up esports athletes.

For those of you who are quite unfamiliar with the Uzi, he is considered one of the players League Of Legends the best in the world. Coupled with him who has great influence in the realm LoL China.

Uzi with the Chinese team at the 2018 Asian Games some time ago. Source: AsianGames.

Even one of the major media in China, CCTV, made a documentary film about the 21-year-old player’s career.

He also has brilliant achievements, namely winning the gold medal at the Jakarta-Palembang 2018 Asian Games esports exhibition. In this event, Uzi recorded an extraordinary performance and succeeded in bringing his team to the championship, just like his “Dribble & Carry” theme.

Mercedes-Benz in collaboration with Royal Never Give Up. Source: RNG.

The Chinese organization, Royal Never Give Up, is indeed actively signing contracts with non-esports companies. Just say it Mercedes-Benz and KFC. Each of these companies signed a contract with a period of 1 year.

For Mercedes-Benz, RNG will promote the division unit of the German car company, namely Daimler AG. Not only through social media and jersey, Daimler AG also appeared at RNG’s esports stadium in Beijing, China.

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As for KFC, they have produced special edition products with RNG. Of course exclusive cooperation with brand top of the world is not a trivial thing.

Apart from products, it’s possible that every RNG player is free to eat KFC without paying, maybe yes wow.

Fast food company KFC is collaborating with RNG. Source: RNG.

The realm of esports around the world has indeed developed rapidly, even in Indonesia. Take the team, for example Rex Regum Qeon who have collaborated with Kratingdeng, GO-JEK, don’t even miss the famous tourist spots in Bali, Ayana Resort & Spa Bali.

Let’s hope for the best results for RNG Uzi through our partnership with Nike. Maybe a brand other than Nike, like Adidas, the rival, is also attracting esports athletes as commercials.

Maybe it’s time for not only the Messi-Ronaldo duo, maybe Miracle-Topson or Faker-Uzi to become rivalries in the world of MOBA games. Which team are you on? Mimin anyway #TimRaisa * uh wow.