LoL: Wild Rift Ready to Enter Open Beta Phase, Save the Date!

Open Beta Wild RiftLeague of Legends: Wild Rift is entering the period closed beta test (CBT). The last few days Riot Games has given access to players who have registered for CBT. Even the authors themselves think that this CBT feels like OBT. Can be seen LoL: Wild Rift has been downloaded by more than 1 million players.

This is a sizeable number on the CBT scale. Then on October 16 yesterday it was officially announced that LoL: Wild Rift will open open beta test (OBT) on October 27, 2020!

Source: Youtube League Of Legend: Wild Rift

This open beta phase will be opened for Indonesia, Korea, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. Then LoL: Wild Rift also plans to open other areas in December.

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During the OBT period there will also be 6 Champion new namely Lee Sin and K / DA members including Seraphine! You can also try out the Champion for free on October 27th.

Source: Youtube League Of Legends Wild Rift

But before OBT starts on October 22, there will be a closing Test Flight for iOS while Android is on October 23. This means you can’t download or play LoL: Wild Rift.

Take it easy, you can play it again on October 28 to enter the OBT period.

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Looks like Riot is serious about developing LoL: Wild Rift. Of course, Revival’s friend can’t wait with OBT LoL: Wild Riftright?

So those of you who haven’t got CBT access yet, you can play it on October 28!

Editor: Yubian Asfar