Looking fierce, Virtus Pro Comes Out as Champion of the Autumn Brawl Maincast!

Through the latest 2018/19 Dota Pro Circuit season, Maincast Autumn Brawl has ended the title. The matches of the big teams have found the champion, where Virtus.pro successfully securing first place in the event.

Source: Maincast

Although the Autumn Brawl Maincast is an event of nature on lineHowever, in terms of production and the team present, it is arguably the mainstay. The reason is, there are ranks of top European and CIS teams present, such as Team Secret, Natus Vincere, Virtus.pro, Gambit Esports, Winstrike, and Ninjas in Pajamas.

Source: Maincast

But it looks like the champion is the favorite team. The reason is, Virtus.pro is famous for rooster best to win with a score of 3-0 without reply at home NoPangolier in the grand final.

Source: Maincast

NoPangolier itself advanced to the final round after defeating the top 3 CIS teams, namely Espada, Gambit Esports and Natus Vincere. Meanwhile, Virtus.pro advanced to the final after beating Team Spirit and Ninjas in Pajamas.

Then, the two teams from CIS confirmed a moment where the CIS region was still strong and worthy of being reckoned with. But in the final match, Virtus.pro appeared quite difficult against NoPangolier.

Source: Maincast

In the first game Virtus.pro took at least 70 minutes to end the resistance from Ghostik and friends. The anti-mage used by Naive- is able to hold off the polar bear team for quite a long time.

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At its peak, Lina from No.[o]ne- use Aghanim to give a burst damage effect to Anti Mage. other than that Phantom Lancer from RAMZES666 able to stop the movement of Blink from Anti-Mage through his Diffusal Blade, 1-0 for VP.

The second match took less time, although it could be said that it was a long way off. It took at least 51 minutes to force NoPangolier to surrender. Game Arc Warden from Naive- was able to complicate Virtus.pro.

Despite this, Virtus.pro again made 180 degree changes after making Zayac and comrades gave up. With a 2-0 lead, Virtus.pro only needed one win to win the Maincast Autumn Brawl title.

But what happened? In fact, the third game shows the tired impression of the NoPangolier retainer. Even 24 minutes was enough to complete the team’s resistance.

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As a result, a beautiful game RodjER with Its tiny able to complicate the enemy’s laning phase. Terrorblade and Weaver made uncomfortable, and effects snowball giving the polar bear fleet an advantage, 3-0 for Virtus.pro

With these results, the Autumn Brawl Maincast has concluded its series of events. The following are the ranks of the teams and prizes from the event made by Maincast:

1. Virtus.pro – US $ 50,000
2. NoPangolier – US $ 15,000
3-4. Natus Vincere, Ninjas in Pajamas – US $ 4,500

Source: Maincast

It is only a matter of counting the days to advance to the next round at the 2018 ESL One Hamburg event. Virtus.pro and Ninjas in Pajamas are confirmed to be present, as well as representatives of Indonesia, EVOS Esports.

ESL One Hamburg 2018 will take place at the Barclaycard Arena in Hamburg, Germany. The event made by ESL will present prizepool amounting to US $ 300,000 and took place on 23-28 October 2018.