Louvre Basketball Team In collaboration with EVOS Goods, Bring Limited Edition Merchandise

It seems that esports cooperation is not limited to one side only, but also with the presence of several well-known brands. This time, a similar collaboration comes under the name Louvre Surabaya (basketball team) in collaboration with EVOS Goods to provide limited or exclusive merchandise.

The results of this collaboration indicate that the realm of esports can cover a wider range of things, including the field of sports. Basketball itself has a very broad market, especially considering the high audience interest in several countries such as the United States.

This opportunity was really taken advantage of for EVOS Goods to present exclusive merchandise for its fans. The Louvre and EVOS themselves colored the competitive esports event in the realm Mobile Legends at the MPL Indonesia event in recent seasons.

zeys evos retired
Source: EVOS Esports

In fact, the Louvre and EVOS Esports have both had glorious achievements. The Louvre could fill the position runner-up MSC 2018 and MPL Season 3. On the other hand, EVOS Legends was able to score world-class achievements by winning the M1 World Championship and MPL Season 4.

The increased collaboration between the two teams continued to the Louvre basketball division. “We choose EVOS because this team is the biggest team in Southeast Asia. Repeated world champions too. Power they are really big, ”said Louvre CEO, Erick Herlangga.

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This presence is indeed the Louvre’s way of attracting EVOS and Louvre fans into one community. Of course, a lot of interest from EVOS will increase the number of followers for the Louvre.

“Currently it is still in design development. Most likely in 2-3 weeks, it’s over, “said Yansen Wijaya, Merchandise Manager of EVOS Esports (Goods).

Later this collaboration will produce approximately 200 pieces of T-shirts with limited editions for fans of the Louvre basketball team. The authentic impression and cool design are a ‘promise’ that will be realized in the collaboration between Louvre Surabaya and EVOS Goods.

It’s worth looking forward to another collaboration with esports. It is not impossible to produce an increase in fanbase in terms of the industry.