Louvre Juggernaut tops the Group B standings for the Esports Presidential Cup

After previously there were four teams that managed to qualify through closed group A qualifiers. This week, the 2019 Esports Presidential Cup presents a match for Group B.

Just like the previous week, Group B brought together 8 teams. The following are the ranks of the team:

  • EVOS Esports
  • The Prime Esports
  • Louvre Juggernaut
  • Recca Esports
  • PG.BarracX
  • Capcorn Team
  • SFI Critical
  • Flash Wolves

All the teams above come from IESPL, while only SFI Critical and Flash Wolves come from open qualifiers.

The result? You could say it’s a bit surprising when compared to group A. There is one team that made it through to the next round, even though it’s not a team from MPL Season 3.

Source: MLBB

Starting from the top of the standings which was won by the Louvre Juggernaut. The team, which is currently ranked fifth in the standings, managed to collect 17 points.

Kido and friends successfully won five wins and two draws against SFI Critical and EVOS.

The second place is SFI Critical which must be satisfied to be in second place with 15 points. The team, which is currently in third place in MPL Season 3, won four wins and three draws against EVOS, Louvre Juggernaut, and Capcorn.

louvre juggernaut president trophy
Source: MLBB Indonesia

Meanwhile, in third place is EVOS with 13 points. JessNoLimit and friends won three wins and four draws against the Louvre Juggernaut, SFI Critical, Flash Wolves, and Recca Esports.

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For fourth place there is the Capcorn Team who won the same points as EVOS. Unfortunately, they lost against EVOS which made them ranked fourth.

Interestingly, they managed to escape even though they were not an MPL Season 3 team. They managed to win four wins, one draw, and two defeats against EVOS and Louvre Juggernaut.

louvre juggernaut president trophy
Source: President Cup Esports Fanpage

The difference between the 4 teams that qualified and the remaining teams that failed to qualify was obvious. Almost all the teams that qualify have won from the teams that failed to qualify.

The 2019 Esports Presidential Cup is now left main event which was held at Istora Senayan, Jakarta which was held on March 30-31.

For those of you who can’t come, you can also see the excitement on YouTube IESPL_ID and it will be broadcast on GTV.