Louvre Losing Badly in Weekdays Tournament by Team Just Returning from Hiatus

To fill in the blanks Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) whose schedule is usually done on weekends, aka weekend, RevivalTV held Weekdays Tournament for teams Mobile Legends.

The Weekdays Tournament was also held to provide spaces for new teams to hone skill and mentally in a competition that is below the MPL level. The reason is, to take part in this tournament, you don’t need to go through qualifications first, like what was done in MPL.

The teams in this Weekdays Tournament vary. There are teams participating in the MPL such as RRQ, Louvre, and Elite8 Critical Reborn but there are also new teams or middle class teams (which do not qualify for the MPL online).

Interestingly, on the first day of the Weekdays Tournament there was a match that surprised the fans scene competitive Mobile Legends (ML).

The match is between 404NF (404 Not Found) against the Louvre. The reason is, in this match, the Louvre is one of the MPL participants (which is a league for teams ML most elite) actually lost badly by 404NF with a final score of 19-5 with a match time of 9 minutes 11 seconds.

From the match statistics, not a single Louvre player has scored above 5.0. ViO.Bale-MKS, even one of the Louvre players can only make 2 item at the match.

However, to be fair, This match is also only Bo1. It could be that the Louvre was surprised to see the 404NF’s game being so aggressive and late in adapting. This result can be different when this match becomes Bo2 or Bo3 because the losing team can analyze the first match and come up with a new strategy.

Apart from this, the 404NF deserves attention for their next steps. Their game is so aggressive and confident against one of the best teams in Indonesia.

Plus, it turns out that 404NF is one of the teams that used to (Season 1) occupy the top position but had a hiatus, aka disappeared from the competitive arena. According to confession Adriansyah Latief who take care of MPL registration, they are also not registered to register on the Online Qualifier.

What if this team meets RRQ in the Weekdays Tournament? The Louvre is indeed one of the MPL participants, but at this time they are counted in the bottom board – ranked 8th – in the temporary standings (Week 4). In stark contrast to RRQ, which is at the top of the standings.

Of course, it will be interesting to see the match later. For those of you who want to watch the Weekdays Tournament match, you can see it on the YouTube channel RevivalTV.