Lu “Maybe” Yao Holds a Post-Break Marriage from PSG.LGD

After deciding to take a break from being competitive Dota 2, Lu “Maybe“Yao seems to have surprised the public recently again.

This is because the news spread that one of them midlaner China’s best has finally officially married!

This begins with a post on the Reddit page that states in the title that Maybe has carried out a marriage.


It turned out that this was not an issue behind when an insider from the PSG.LGD team gave a similar statement.

By having username , a man who works as a Global Media Operations from PSG.LGD, uploaded a photo about Maybe.

Not forgetting he gave captionCongratulations to Maybe, who’s now happily married!”Which of course contains congratulations to Maybe.

Maybe himself is said to have been dating his idol woman for 8 years. Now that he is only 23 years old, this means that the two of them have been together since they were 15 years old.

It’s like stating that Dota 2 It turns out that it does not eliminate Maybe’s loyalty to his girlfriend, ha ha.

This seems to have received quite a positive response from both PSG.LGD fans and competitive fans Dota 2 in general.


Many agree with the steps that Maybe took by deciding to take a break and finally choosing to get married.

But given this good news, it remains unclear whether Maybe will be soon comeback in the competitive realm in the near future or not.

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Lu Yao or now also known as nickname Somnus has been a part of PSG.LGD since 2015.

He previously decided to take a break without knowing the factors behind his resignation from the team.

And with this decision to take a break, PSG.LGD must find a replacement by including xm comes from CDEC Gaming.

Lu “Maybe” Yao Officially Decides to Take a Break from PSG.LGD

Even so, it seems that PSG.LGD is quickly adapting to new players after qualifying for DreamLeague Season 11.

Surely we are still looking forward to Maybe’s return to be able to rejoin PSG.LGD and play with their best performance. Congratulations once again for Maybe who has finally let go of his bachelor years, you When mblo? wow

Editor: Yubian A. Huda