Lumat Liquid, G2 Esports Wins Mid-Season Invitational 2019!

The 2019 Mid-Season Invitational has entered its final round. For the first time in tournament history League of Legends, representative teams from the Western region namely NA and EU will compete in the final round.

So far, the final round has always been dominated by teams from LCK and LPL. However, this year, two teams from the Western region managed to beat the two dominant regions.

Team Liquid succeeded in overthrowing Invictus Gaming while G2 Esports succeeded in conquering SK Telecom T1.

This historic Grand Final was able to attract public attention. The rivalry of the two regions will be at stake in this final round and the losing region will inevitably have to admit the regional win.

The higher prestige of the match will certainly make the Rift Rivals results less meaningful.

g2 esports msi 2019
NA vs EU. The best region will be determined through the results of this final round.

Given the region’s pride is at stake, many predict the match will be intense. The two teams also came with high morale and showed good results in the semifinals.

Unfortunately, the match did not go according to predictions. This final match is more suitable to be called Speedrun, as said by Wunder before competing,

Game 1 – G2 Esports Win

G2 Esports immediately started the bloodshed quickly and succeeded in creating an edge early dominant one. All the resistance that Team Liquid has made has always been muted.

Ironically, CoreJJ was hit by the SSG skins Xayah and Rakan, skins from the old CoreJJ team, namely the Samsung Galaxy.

The composition of G2 Esports which consists of Hard CC (Crowd Control) makes it difficult for Team Liquid to be filled by many immobile champions. Once hit by Hard CC, it is certain that death awaits.

G2 Esports was completely unstoppable and the first game was successfully completed in 24 minutes.

Game 2 – G2 Esports Win

G2 Esports finally issued a Wunder’s Special, namely Pyke Toplane. To overcome Pyke Toplane, Team Liquid has indeed prepared Kennen Toplane. However, strategy counter it is not as easy as expected.

Just like the previous games, G2 Esports managed to create a dominant early advantage and Team Liquid couldn’t do much.

When Team Liquid looks like it is going to win, G2 Esports can always turn things around thanks to playing Caps using Sylas.

Team Liquid was completely made helpless against Sylas and G2 Esports. Within 27 minutes, G2 Esports managed to get hold of match point.

Game 3 – G2 Esports Win

Again, the same early scenario was repeated. Team Liquid seems to be back playing sluggishly and tends to play reactively. They are not as responsive and alert as against Invictus Gaming.

G2 Esports actually appears more explosive. The aggressive early gang from Jankos, the dominance of Botlane from Perkz-Mikyx, to the captivating Outplay from Caps were able to create a significant advantage.

Team Liquid was made to do nothing to face G2 Esports’ aggression. Through a chain stun from Wunder and re-engage from Caps, G2 Esports successfully scored an Ace and secured the third game in 18 minutes to seal the title.

G2 Esports came out as champions after beating Team Liquid 3-0 without reply. For his fantastic performance throughout the match, Caps deserves the title MVP Finals.

There are some interesting facts from this match. G2 Esports’ quick victory made it a record as the Best of Five (Bo5) Finals and the fastest international match in history.

G2 Esports only needed 70 minutes and 43 seconds to pulverize Team Liquid. Wunder also succeeded in proving his promise.

Amazingly, G2 Esports also managed to surpass the Finals record they set at the 2019 LEC Spring Finals against Origen.

In this match, G2 Esports also managed to overthrow Origen 3-0 in 74 minutes and 32 seconds in the final round.

In addition, Caps also became the first western player to reach the Final back to back.

Last year, Caps while still defending Fnatic managed to reach the 2018 World Championship Final even though he had to be defeated in front of Invictus Gaming 0-3.

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With the end of the final round, the 2019 Mid-Season Invitational is over and in early June we will soon welcome the 2019 Summer Split.

Editor: Yubian Asfar