Lytogame Prepares Crossfire Next Generation to be the Biggest FPS Esports in Indonesia!

One of developer games big class from Indonesia, Lytogame back to present a surprise for lovers games FPS (First-Person Shooter) in Indonesia.

Actually, this is not the first time Lyto has released an FPS game free-to-play because they’ve previously released Cross Fire in 2013. However, the game finally closed on March 15, 2018 to be replaced with Crossfire Next Generation.

Crossfire Next Generation itself is games made Smilegate Entertainment, which has beenpublish in more than 80 countries around the world with the achievement of more than 8 million players simultaneously, out of a total of 650 million registered players.

The Crossfire Esports scene

Towards a competitive realm, games this is different from Crossfire previous. Crossfire Next Generation which is games the latest from Lytogame will be here and more focused on the development of the esports realm.

In fact, they have prepared their first tournament long before the game was released. This tournament has the aim of advancing esports in Indonesia in particular, Crosfire Nextgen, through the biggest esports event in Indonesia. Having an extraordinary amount of prizes, this tournament will be held on a national and international scale

Crossfire Esports Prizes. Image source: Press Release

Event has prepared a national scale tournament with a total prize Rp. 200 million, with the first winner taking home the cash equivalent IDR 150 million. The number of prizes is recorded as the largest cash gain for an esports tournament in Indonesia.

Crossfire Esports itself has organized international scale tournaments regularly every year, with names Crossfire Stars. At the 2017 event, this tournament has prizepool with the number US $ 850,000 or equivalent to Rp. 11.5 billion.

Crossfire Next Generation Pre-Registration

Welcome launching prime games Crossfire Nextgen on the month April 2018 next time, Lytogame opens a pre-registration period for you. Later, you can get prizes right away games it was official launching.

Pre-Registration Prizes. Source: Lytogame Website

Nextgen Crossfire Game presenting the user view or user interface different. Beautiful and fantastic too user friendly able to be your first impression when playing games the.

Different from games Other FPS, Crossfire Nextgen also has interesting features, including several game modes, maps, characters, and various types of weapons that you can use.

One of the Crossfire Nextgen modes. Source: Lytogame Youtube

Other than that, games who will be present in April 2018 is tailored for you gamers beginner, casual as well as the professional level.

We are looking forward to the official launch of this game and the tournaments that will come later.