Maintain Captivating Performance, Winstrike Secures A Seat to TI8

Winstrike, previously named FlyToMoon, finally managed to secure a seat to TI8 from CIS. They became the third team after Serenity Team and Invictus Gaming to pass the Open Qualifier Regional China.

Before changing its name and being acquired by Winstrike (which also has a CS: GO division), FlyToMoon has indeed given a charming performance in several DPC contests such as when they got third in EPICENTER XL. In this event they also even had time to beat the first rank of the DPC final standings for the 2018 season, which is also from the CIS.

In the CIS Regional Qualifier round, they also showed an impressive game even though they had to face quite well-known teams like Vega Squadron, ESPADA, Double Dimension, or Team Spirit.

Image Courtesy: Liquipedia

Together with Vega Squadron, Winstrike did receive a direct invitation to compete in the CIS Regional Qualifier and their victory proved that they deserved an invitation.

From the group stage (Round Robin) alone, Winstrike has indeed dominated the competition. They managed to close the round with 6 wins and 1 loss.

Image Courtesy: Liquipedia

In the playoffs, they never fell to the lower bracket. They wiped out a victory in their first game against Double Dimension. Win 2-1 over ESPADA in the upper bracket final and hit ESPADA hard again after they won over Team Spirit in the lower bracket.

For those who forget or don’t know, ESPADA itself cannot be underestimated because they were the ones who previously thwarted Na’Vi’s steps in the Open Qualifier. ESPADA also proved to be the most fierce team against Winstrike.

How about Winstrike’s performance at TI8 when they have to meet giant teams? Will they be able to repeat history by defeating the hotbed polar bear in the most prestigious Dota 2 event?