Manchester City, ValenciaCF and Lisbon make up the eSport team

3 International football clubs, ManchesterCity,ValenciaCF,and Sporting Lisbon reportedly will make a team eSport.

The latest trends in International football to jump into the world eSport the previous one already FcSchalke(German international football team) do.

English Premier League Club Manchester City signed FIFA athletes (Video game by EA, not FIFA International Football Organization) Kieran “Kez” Brown today, following in the footsteps of West Ham United, the Recruiting Sean “Draggon” Allen in this May.
Capture ImageNot only Manchester City, Sporting Lisbon also plunged into the world eSports. The Portuguese club is reportedly planning to take FIFA players to acquire the team in the near future League of Legends in order to compete in LPortuguese League of Legend ribs (LPLoL). Division eSports this is rumored to be led by Guilherme Fraga, former Business Director Copenhagen Wolves.

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Not to be outdone, the Spanish football team Valencia CF signed team Rocket League, Amunt triades. Captain Albert “De Boer” Vaquero, The team with the top position in the Playstation league really deserves to be the big name of the team Valencia CF.

The rise of eSports teams being acquired by big football clubs like their predecessors, namely FC Schalke who Now sit in fourth place in the League League of Legends Europe (Legends Championship Series (LCS)) After Purchasing ELEMENTS in May. German club VFL Wolfsburg and a Turkish club Besiktas jump into eSports In 2015. Manchester United rumored to be recruiting a team Overwatch.

Due to development eSports very fast, it is not strange if the teams with “Big Money & Big Names“” Also plunged into the world eSports. They have the infrastructure to build a business around Professional competition. Like the team that announced the signing today, the football club looks set to be glancing at the game soon eSports Big competitive like League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.