Manchester United named Celiboy Alter Ego on Twitter

For those of you football lovers, you must be familiar with the Manchester United team and recently they did mention to Celiboy on Twitter.

Manchester United are one of the giant teams in the Premier League or the English League and currently they are also ranked 2nd in the standings.

Manchester United also has their esports division namely FIFA so they are familiar with the name esports.

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Manchester United Call Celiboy on Twitter Account

On January 25, 2021 yesterday, at which time Manchester United met Liverpool in the FA Cup continued match.

Manchester United managed to beat Liverpool 3-2 while eliminating Liverpool in the FA Cup after a free kick from Bruno Fernandes entered.

Investigate, apparently the Manchester United Indonesia Twitter account gave a tweet stating the name Celiboy to use hero Bruno at M2.

“Celiboy should have picked Bruno to win # M2 hehe.” tweeted ManUtd_ID’s Twitter account. Bruno himself is hero Marksman in Mobile Legends so the tweets are a perfect fit.

However, apart from Celiboy, it seems that the ManUtd_ID Twitter admin also mentioned Udil and Lemon before they were deleted.

Apart from Celiboy, Lemon is also mentioned by Manchester United's Twitter
Photo via: Twitter screenshot of Manchester United Indonesia

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