Meet Cening Ayu Gaming, the Talentful Female Dota 2 Team!

In the esports scene, we usually do more familiar with male players. But who would have thought that the Indonesian esports scene had a team coming Dota 2 which in the talented heroines, Cening Ayu Gaming.

Cening Ayu Gaming itself is a team Dota 2 domiciled in Denpasar, Bali. The Bali esports scene does have its own unique community and the team’s presence in the professional arena Dota 2 at the same time dismissing the inability of women to have a career in the realm of esports.

RevivalTV has the opportunity to get to know more about Cening Ayu Gaming’s presence in the realm of esports Dota 2 Indonesia through the team captain Charity “TamTam” Tamara. Without further ado, let’s get to know the team from the Island of the Gods.

Source: Cening Ayu Gaming Facebook Fanpage

The moment the team was formed, no doubt became a unique story in itself. We asked how the members of the Cening Ayu Gaming team started, “we were formed 2 years ago, to be precise event meet and greet Nixia in Bali.

In the beginning the team was formed starting with 3 people, until finally we were able to gather with 7 players in the team lineup. “

Cening Ayu Gaming members themselves have a total of 7 players including Stand-in. Here are the names of the players with role and their respective favorite heroes:

  • Anastasya “M1ND” Ade, Carry, (Medusa)
  • Michelle “Michehe”, Offlane, (Bristleback)
  • Paramitha “Metong” Pradnya, Midlane (Tinker)
  • Charity “TamTam” Tamara, Support (Nightstalker)
  • Ayu “Goldgirl999” Diana, Support (Crystal Maiden)
  • Ani “Ahnnn ~“Moi, Standin (Ax)
  • Gayatri “aya” Putri, Standin (Ursa)
Roster Cening Ayu Gaming (Left-right: M1ND, Metong, TamTam, Michehe, Goldgirl999). Source: Cening Ayu Gaming Facebook Fanpage

Apart from having female members, the name Cening Ayu Gaming is considered quite interesting to discuss. We asked how the name Cening Ayu Gaming started as a team. Tamara said, “His origins are from his former manager, ha ha ha.

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At that time he suggested the name Cening Ayu because we are a team from Bali, so it’s good to use the team name in Balinese too. Cening Ayu itself means beautiful girl in Balinese. ” said the woman with nickname TamTam.

Because it is relatively new, this team has not made any achievements. Tamara added that the team was only really active last year. For the previous year they focused more on how to form team gameplay the good is also looking for rooster additional.

Charity Tamara admitted that he had time to play League of Legends first before moving on to Dota 2 game. Woman with nickname TamTam is already playing Dota 2 in quite a long time, approximately 3 years or to be precise in 2015.

Documentation: Cening Ayu Gaming

Regarding the classic question, how do parents, especially Charity Tamara, think about her career as a professional player?

Women who have hobbies cosplay it said, “the response was they were supportive, because of my own parents gamers, wow. They gamers PS1 and PS2, even used to like them sharing combo problem games Tekken.

When they found out that I wanted to form a women’s esports team in Bali, they supported me because it wasn’t a negative thing. “

CAG itself had time to follow Go-Net Tournament last December 2018 and Moess Tournament last March 23 2018. Even though he has not been able to make achievements, Cening Ayu Gaming admits that he will continue to learn to improve the team’s performance.

To end the interview session, Charity Tamara encouraged women who wanted to enter the world of esports in Indonesia, “Don’t be afraid to form your women’s team. Improve skill and don’t be shy to ask the one who is better than you.

The ups and downs are natural, the important thing is to want to learn and understand teammates. And most importantly, avoid drama yeah, ahahaha. Greetings Cening Ayu Gaming from Bali! “

Cening Ayu Gaming plans to follow Spyro Reborn Online Tournament Season 1 on April 13-15 2018 in search of their inaugural title.

Source: Spyro Reborn Facebook Fanpage

Hopefully Cening Ayu Gaming will be able to show their abilities in the nearest tournaments and be able to make achievements, yes, the main spirit for Tamara and friends.

You can follow their journey with like Facebook fanpage the CAG team at the following link: Cening Ayu Gaming.

Edited by Jabez Elijah