Meet E8 Critical Reborn, One of the Champion Candidates Team at MPL Indonesia Season 1

If previously we have discussed the Indonesian MPL Season 1 teams who are in the middle and lower table of the temporary standings (week 4), such as Domino’s Hunter, Louvre, Pandora Esports, TEAMnxl>, and REV Indo, now we will get acquainted with one of the teams sitting in the top 4, the standings, namely Elite8 (E8) Critical Reborn (CR).

Documentation: E8

We also got in touch Aldio “E8 • Jack” Fernando via Message Line to collect stories about the division Mobile Legends from a fast-growing esports organization.

However, due to a lot of activity, the answers to the story about E8 Critical Reborn were compiled by the Assistant Manager, Violetta “NXA E8 • Caramel” Aurelia, who is still 19 years old.

You can also read our chat with the CEO, Heinrich Ramli, in an article we released some time ago.

E8 CR, currently consists of 7 players. The following is a list of player names, IGN, and hero their favorite.

1. Aldio – E8 • Jack (role: offlaner / jungler). favorite hero: Harley, Cyclops, Karina
2. David – E8 • Joker (role: tanker). favorite hero: Akai, Grock, Hylos
3. Dian – E8 • Ace (role: roamer / second tank). favorite hero : Chou, Balmond, Hilda
4. Hansen – E8 • Spade (role: carry midlaner). favorite hero: Irithel, Karrie, Bruno, Lesley
5. Rommy – E8 • King (role: support / observer). favorite hero: Diggie, Aurora, Pharsa
6. Agus – E8 • Maverick (role: roamer / support). favorite hero: Chou, Hylos, Diggie, Saber
7. Yuda – E8 • Prince (role: carry midlaner). favorite hero: Clint, Irithel, Bruno

In the beginning

Documentation: E8

According to their story, the beginning of this team was formed for the first time when they studied at the same campus, with member although indeed, at that time, they only played for fun.

Until one day they competed in the tournament but lost immediately at the beginning. They finally determined to become a professional esports team. This team finally entered one clan named zapbros.

In clan this is what they met with E8 • Spade. zapbros itself was also one of the teams that took part in MSC 2017. They were also sponsored by local teams several times but this did not last long.

Finally, they decided to stand alone under the name Critical Reborn and entered event MPL. After they passed the qualifications and became one of the 10 MPL participating teams, then they met with E8 and were acquired.

Target MPL Indonesia Season 1

As of this writing, the E8 CR is in fourth place in the standings and is competing with EVOS Esports. Then, what is their target? Are they sure they can become champions at the end of the Regular Season? What is their strategy?

Provisional standings of MPL Indonesia Season 1 Week Four

“If it is to be number 1, it is definitely a target for all teams, including E8. When it comes to strategy, we practice more and play together so that the feel is stronger and more compact in the game, ”they answered briefly.

Most Memorable MPL Match So far

Considering that now the MPL has entered its fourth week, we also asked if there was any match most memorable to them.

They also said that their most memorable match was when they fought EVOS Esports.

“Round 1 was already at the base of EVOS and was reversed to 1-0 and round 2 we held it for 30 minutes where we almost reversed the situation but the blunder went 2-0. Anyway, the match against EVOS is the most tense. ” Story E8.

They also mentioned RRQ’s name when we asked which team was the scariest in MPL because RRQ, at least until this article was written, had the highest number of wins. “And their strategy changes with each game,” said E8.

However, unfortunately, they chose answers like politicians (hahaha) when we asked the easiest team. “As for the easiest team, it doesn’t exist, because the name of the competition is all strong. Unforeseen things often happen especially in this MPL. “

Their opinion about MPL Indonesia Season 1

Finally, we also don’t forget to ask their opinion or if there are suggestions and criticisms about their experience playing in MPL Indonesia Season 1.

“To date, rules and the facilities provided to players are already very good. The main advantages of MPL are in shoutcasterbecause the game that is being played becomes even more exciting with a fun style.cast its the MPL. Then there is an MVP system per week and highlights team which makes the team even more excited to play well. “

Hopefully this answer is not just lip service regarding RevivalTV’s interview, which is also the answer organizer for MPL Indonesia Season 1. Wow …

Documentation: E8

That was a brief profile of E8 Critical Reborn. For those of you who want to watch their exciting action at MPL, you can watch each match directly on the Facebook Fanpage of Mobile Legends Bang Bang every weekend.