Meet Marimar, Host Cantik MPL Indonesia Season 1

For friends who like to follow Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) Indonesia Season 1, you must be familiar with the host we on this one.

Maria Verdina Visianty or Marimar is her name. We also chatted with him to find out more about Marimar and his experiences as the host for MPL Indonesia.

He told me about the beginning why nickMarimar. Initially, he didn’t actually play Mobile Legends but there is a friend who is playing on his cellphone He also asked his friend to replace him nick-because you don’t know how.

After being told how, he was confused about choosing a name. However, he also chose the name Marimar because he also happened to like the telenovela with the same title Hahaha…

“Yes, Marimar, I just happen to be fans of the telenovela,” said Marimar. Chatting-bareng-chainsmo/

How did the story come to be the host MPL?

After he played Mobile Legends, he also likes to show it on Insta Story (Instagram). At that time, one of his friends who was also a member of RevivalTV (hahaha), Avan Edvarta, also saw Marimar’s post (maybe actually stalking times yes nyahaha…).

From there, he was given the opportunity to become one talent RevivalTV, including so the host MPL Indonesia Season 1.

Ever since he became the host for MPL, Marimar actually has a lot to tell. We also asked about the positive value he felt when he became the host.

“Plus so the host MPL adds a new and exciting experience really because you can know the biggest match of Mobile Legends today. And also know a lot of new people like playerher, and also learn many things you want from work to how to play. ” Marimar’s story.

However, Marimar also added that so the host MPL does not mean that there are no challenges and difficulties.

“The minus is just not having a day for weekend because MPL is held every weekend, and there are also several viewers the negative comments. ” Marimar added.

However, Marimar did not feel discouraged by the negative comments earlier. Instead, he felt challenged to learn to be even better.

Finally, we also asked him about his most interesting experience during his work the host in MPL. He tells me that his most interesting experiences are when he also has to be caster match at once the host.

The reason is, he learned many things from that experience. He admitted that actually this was a tough challenge for him, but his curiosity to try new things was more than his fear.

That was our little chat with Marimar. For those of you who want to continue seeing Marimar, don’t forget to watch MPL Indonesia every weekend at Facebook Fanpage Mobile Legends.

You can too follow Her Instagram on Mariaverdins or her Facebook Fanpage at Marimar.