Meet new archer: Moren The Technowiz

Moren The Technowiz is hero which was just released by Garena and AoV Indonesia. Moren is a type hero archer. As a person archer, Moren deserves to fill role midlaner. The uniqueness of the hero has a level lifesteal the height by harnessing skill passive it has. The following is an explanation of Moren’s skills.

You can get Moren the tecnowiz with 13888 gold and 390 vouchers. Quite cheap compared to other heroes who were recently released.

Skill Set

Precision (Passive)

Each attack and skill that is successfully hit to the enemy, will give 1 mark (Mark) of Precision on the moren. After reaching 5 stack, cooldown from skill 1 moren will disappear and get 12-26% (increase 1% per level) lifesteal.

Tactical Maneuver (Skill 1)

40 Mana
9 Seconds Cooldown

Moren’s Move Speed ​​will be increased by 40% for 1.5 seconds. Plus, for 5 seconds, 1 Normal Attack will then fire 2 bullets, each dealing 25 (+143) Physical Damage.

In addition, this skill will also provide Moren 25 Armor and Magic Defense for 5 seconds. This effect can bethe stack the duration is up to 10x when Moren manages to give Normal Attack to the enemy.

Swagger (Skiil 2)

70 Mana
12 Seconds Cooldown

Moren fires and takes effect knockback on enemies as well as reduce movement speed enemy by 30% for 2 seconds. Swagger deals physical damage of 150 (+101).

Magnetic Storm (Ultimate)

120 Mana
35 Seconds Cooldown

Moren threw a magnetic grenade that was half a ball for 2.5 seconds. The effect of Magnetic Storm is reducing movement speed by 50%. If the enemy is pushed by Swagger (skill 2) and gets into Magnetic Strom, they will be affected stun for 1.5 seconds.

Beginner Tips

  • Tactical Maneuver (skill 1) is Moren’s mainstay skill because it increases it skill this as fast as possible – except when it can raise the Ultimate Skill.
  • Although Moren did Buff Armor and Magic Defense from his Skill 1, he might be relatively ‘thick’ compared to other Archer heroes but that doesn’t mean he can suddenly be a Tanker hero. So, don’t go for the first time during Team Fight – unless you really want to give item Tanker to Moren.
  • To maximize the function of his Ulti skill, position this skill in the enemy’s escape path so that you can fire a second skill at the enemy and make him trapped in the ultimate skill (see video from Garena above to see the ideal position to place his ultimate skill) .
  • The second skill, because it can repel the opponent, can also be used for various needs. For example, providing a wider distance when you want to escape or push the enemy into range turret.

That was our brief introduction to AoV’s new hero. Are you interested in buying a hero archer this one?

Edited by Jabez Elijah