Meet REV Indo, Creepy But Underrated Team at MPL Indonesia

REV Indo known as one of the teams to watch out for. So far this article has been written, they have not lost 2-0. Currently they have won one win and four draws. They are also able to draw against well-known teams like Bigetron PK and Elite8 Esports.

This time the author conducted an interview with Jason who is also a player from REV Indo which is done via Line chat.

Beforehand, let’s get to know who the players are from REV along with the roles and flagship heroes:

From left to right: Reinsv, Lian, Sora, Rmitchi, Fear, Sushi, Yor
  • Vicky β€œYO[R]Vendy (Tanker / Fighter) (Akai)
  • Andy “ReinsVTan (Midlaner / Mage) (Kagura)
  • Jason β€œSushi(Tank / Fighter) (Gatotkaca)
  • Ikhsanuzul “FearTariq B (Midlaner) (Moscov)
  • Irwan “LianYulianto (Mage / Fighter) (Chou)
  • Immanuel “RmitchiChristian Santoso (Assassin) (Saber)

REV Indo formed on 20 October 2017 with the aim of all players having the same desire to win big tournaments such as MSC or MPL.

How have they been so far? Here are their achievements:

  • 1st Winner of MLI Tournament Online
  • ASL League Tournament 1st Winner
  • 2nd Winner of Fck Online Tournament
  • 3rd Winner of Revival Esport Tournament

The players REV Indo himself had known each other before, such as Rmitchi, Yor, Lian, and Sora before joining. There are also those who just met when they joined REV Indo.

They also live in different places like Lian, Yor, Sora, and Azura who came from Jakarta. While Rmitchi and Fear from Surabaya. There are also those from Batam, namely reinsv and Sushi originating from Tanjung Pinang.

Of course they are happy and proud to qualify for the MPL and be able to compete with the Indonesian esports team. “The target in this tournament is we want to win,” said Jason when asked about the MPL target.

When asked who was the toughest and easiest opponent, they admitted that there was no easy team because being able to enter the qualifier was already tough. “However, if you have to choose one in our opinion the easiest Saints Jr and the heaviest RRQ

Why did they choose this team?

“We choose Saints Jr because so far our opponent is easier among other teams and we choose to choose RRQ as the toughest team because they have met in other tournaments or their rank is very compact, ”he said.

This easiest also doesn’t mean you can be underestimated, however, the 10 teams that can enter the MPL are the best teams who have beaten 2048 other teams in the online qualifiers last December 2017.

For their own practice they usually do it online depending on the situation. Of course, the communication itself is done online, unless there is an offline match.

While doing it online, there are no obstacles, but again there are those that can and some are not the result

REV and 9 other teams are still meeting each other to fight for the 8 best teams that will continue to compete in the MPL Season 1 playoffs.

Edited by Jabez Elijah