Meet Rizky Faidan, Young Talent of PES Indonesia with Achievement

The Indonesian esports scene seems to have never finished presenting potential young talents. One of them is Rizky Faidan. Even though he is still 15 years old, he already has achievements both locally and internationally in the branch Pro Evolution Soccer (PES).

The player, who is currently a high school student in Bandung, admits that he has started participating in competitions since its edition PES 2015. “Just for fun, I want to know what it feels like to participate in the tournament” he said when asked why he started joining the competition.

Rizky when winning the 2016 Rai National Fitness Gym Road to Vietnam Source:

The experience of participating in an international tournament was the first time he felt when he succeeded in winning Gym Rai National Fitness 2016 Road to Vietnam. Due to this result, he became Indonesia’s representative in the competition PES in Hanoi, Vietnam and won the top eight.

Not only that, he also won first place PES 2018 which was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 14-15 July 2018. In fact, he managed to win the qualification for the Asian Games exhibition. PES 2018 with Setia Widianto.

Rizky (right) and Setia won the 2018 PES qualifiers for the Asian Games
Source: Liga1PES Indonesia fanpage

But unfortunately, Rizky could not represent Indonesia at the Asian Games because of the age limit of 16 years to be able to participate in the exhibition. He was eventually replaced by Elga Cahaya Putra who was the second winner in the qualification.

Through the IESPA fanpage, the Asian Esports Federation (AESF) conducts a qualification or selection process based on the technical handbook distributed by the AESF as technical guidelines.

After the qualification was over, AESF informed him that Rizky Faidan did not meet the requirements so that he had to be replaced due to age restrictions. The AESF acknowledges their administrative negligence by not including an age limit in their regulations.

After conducting discussions between IESPA and Liga1PES which is the organizer for the 2018 Asian Games qualification branch PES 2018, finally it was decided by making a substitute.

Rizky feels disappointed, of course, considering that this is such a rare opportunity to bring Indonesia’s name as well as prove the stretch of esports in the eyes of the wider community at the Asian Games. “But how else could it all happen because of negligence on the part of the AESF so we can’t do what to do,” he said.

Rizky during the Yasss Bola! in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Source: Liga1PES Indonesia

The failure to take part in the Asian Games is certainly not the end of Rizky’s career. At a young age, he has made achievements at the international level. Of course there are still various other tournaments that await in the future.

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Plus, his parents also supported him to have a career in the esports arena PES. “My parents still support me while it’s positive,” he said.

Valentinus “MaenBola“Sanusi who is also the founder PES Liga1PES Indonesia said Rizky has a different character from his age. “He is good, polite and mentally resistant to a child his age on the stage which I think is very big” he said. “Can be a role model for children his age who have a hobby of playing PES or gaming, “He added.

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Besides that, according to Rizky, the community PES in Indonesia is now growing. “Moreover, the national qualification tournaments are held in regions that cover almost all of Indonesia and not only the island of Java,” he said.

Before closing the interview, he also conveyed a message for Indonesian esports in the future. “Hopefully Indonesian esports can become more professional so that what I experienced does not happen to other players,” he said.

Edited by Yubian A. Huda