Meet TEAMnxl>, Team Full of Surprise at MPL Indonesia Season 1

The number of well-known teams that enliven the Mobile Legends Professional League – Indonesia Season 1, is the main attraction for the tournament with prizepool amounting to US $ 100,000 this. Besides a big name RRQ O2, Evos Esports, Bigetron Player Kill. TEAMnxl> it feels like a team ready to give lots of surprises. Chatting-bareng-chainsmo/

TEAMnxl> himself participated in MPL Season 1 through MPL Indonesia Online Qualifier # 2. It’s not easy, of course, because the teams that qualify in this tournament are counted top caliber from various teams Mobile Legends: Bang Bang in Indonesia.

On this occasion, we interviewed via Whatsapp to one of the team representatives, namely, Afrindo Valentino or known as G.. For more details, this is a TEAMnxl> roster with each player’s favorite roles and heroes, for MPL Season 1:

  • Afrindo “G.Valentino, (Mage) (Kagura / Harley)
  • Fadhil “RaveAbdurrahman, (Fighter) (Chou / Zilong)
  • Joshua “LJDarmansyah, (Tank) (Grock / Akai)
  • Great “BillyTribowo, (Assassin) (Fanny / Alpha / Hayabusa)
  • Supriadi “WattDwi Putra, (Marksman) (Moskov / Bruno)
  • Handhika “SLurpSury, (Support) (Estes / Angela)
(Left-Right: SLurp. Four, LJ, Watt, Rave, Billy), Source: MPL Indonesia

Before being acquired by TEAMnxl> itself, apparently these players had already joined a community called Roxy,

“There are also some of our team who now (come) from outside of Roxie, for example like Billy. Then we met on games with Billy and we invited to join TEAMnxl> to strengthen the team.

Everyone knows Roxy herself from the game, which is finally pulled in by the manager one by one. ” added Afrindo.

In terms of achievement, the team’s achievements have been numerous in winning various tournaments, including:

  • 1st Place – Devils Tournament September 2017
  • 1st Place – Glorious Tournament Season 4 September 2017
  • 1st Place – Glorious Tournament Season 5
  • 1st Place – Glorious Tournament Season 9 – 2018
  • 1st Winner – Tarumanagara University Mobile Legends Competition 2017
  • 2nd Winner – MPL Qualifier # 2 Mobile Legends December 2017
  • 2nd Place – Boss Tournament October 2017
  • 2nd Winner – Mobile Legends Online Championship Season 1 September 2017
  • 3rd Winner – WOG Djogja September 2017
  • 5th Winner – JCC Revival 2017

In their daily lives, the players of this team are still students, so they need parental permission to participate in this tournament.

“The response of the parents initially did not agree because they were afraid to interfere with daily activities. But after knowing that MPL can generate income such as working, parents allow it as long as it does not interfere with daily activities even though it can generate income for themselves. ” Afrindo said in an interview session.

Of course, with their parents’ permission, they can focus on participating in this MPL match. By occupying the middle board of the provisional standings, TEAMnxl> certainly has not given up hope regarding the opportunity to win MPL Season 1.

When asked questions about teams that are difficult or easy to deal with in MPL Season 1, Afrindo wisely said, “In my opinion, none of the MPL teams are easy, all are strong because this has entered the top 10.

For (those) who say there is something easy in the MPL team, in my opinion they do not understand what they are saying because getting to the top 10 in Indonesia is very difficult. Especially at this time, Indonesia is one of the countries that has many strong teams to compete, “Afrindo added

TEAMnxl> Mobile Legends, Source: TEAMnxl>

We can admit, questions cliché Regarding strong or easy teams, Afrindo’s words deserve thumbs up often.

Because entering the MPL Season 1 competition is not an easy thing, but regarding the team’s own target, “Our target is of course to be in the final, the grand-final MPL Season 1. ” Afrindo added optimistically.

Hope Afrindo and friends also closed our interview session. With teamwork and mutual trust, it is not impossible that TEAMnxl> can surprise other teams in MPL Season 1. Because in truth, nothing is certain in the competition. esports.

Goodluck yes! Good luck on the competitive journey Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and MPL Season 1. To watch their action, don’t forget to Like the Fanpage of Mobile Legends Bang Bang and watch it livestream-every weekend.

Edited by Jabez Elijah