Merdeka III Arcade Maimai Competition, A Unique Way to Celebrate Independence!

Indonesian independence day which falls on August 17 tomorrow will certainly be welcomed happily by all Indonesian people. Various kinds of celebrations were held to welcome the reading day of the Indonesian proclamation 72 years ago. Of all kinds of celebrations to welcome Indonesia’s independence day, there is one unique event held at Margo City, Depok – Arcade Merdeka III Maimai Competition.

As the name implies, Arcade Merdeka III is a tournament that competes for one of them rhythm arcade games which has a large enough community in Indonesia, Maimai. The Maimai Tournament itself is a tournament held by a community arcade games in Depok, Terra Gaming. In collaboration with Timezone and AMG and assisted by RevivaLTV, the Arcade Merdeka III Maimai Competition which is the third major Maimai tournament event from Terra Gaming is indeed prepared to welcome Indonesia’s independence day.

Maybe many of you are still unfamiliar with rhythm arcade games who is named this Maimai. Arcade machines, which are often analogized as washing machines, are actually quite widely distributed in major cities in Indonesia, and have a fairly large community as well. The segmentation of songs that originated only in Japan made them less well known in comparison rhythm arcade games others like Pump It Up! or Danzbase.

Merdeka III Arcade Maimai Competition has also become one of the most awaited Maimai tournaments by the Maimai community in the Jabodetabek area – even from outside the area. The Maimai tournament will later hold tournaments in two categories, Master and Hardcore. The Master category is for players with a rating below 14.99, while the Hardcore category is for players who are more skilled with a 12-13 song level selection.

Arcade Merdeka III Maimai Competition will be held openly to the public at Timezone Margo City, Depok and can be followed by any Maimai player who wants to show their skills. As one of the currently rising trends, Terra Gaming hopes that the Arcade Merdeka III Maimai Competition can become one of the performance parameters for Maimai players and also as a form of welcoming Indonesia’s independence in a unique way.