META Shift Will Occur in Competitive Events!

June 28, 2018, Moonton finally released a massive Mobile Legends update. There is actually a lot that can be discussed from this update including additions and changes to items / equipment. However, we will discuss the update of the item in a different article.

Here, we will discuss what changes may occur from update 1.2.88 in the martial world of Mobile Legends. We won’t write anything down in this big update because you can get all the information directly in the game.

However, here, we will give our opinion more on the updates in each of the aspects in 1.2.88.

New Hero

Selena Mobile Legends
Selena Mobile Legends

2 new heroes will be released in the near future, namely Selena and Aldous (previously named Aulrad on Advanced Server).

We have written some important points about Aldous some time ago that you can read again if you are curious about this hero.

Of these 2 new heroes, Selena, it is unlikely that they will change the competitive map in the near future because this hero needs time to master. Plus, the skillset is not too attractive to shift Assassins or other Mage who are more popular like Gussion at the pro level or Karina at the amateur level.

Aldous / Aulrad Mobile Legends
Aldous / Aulrad Mobile Legends

Aldous which will be even more popular in the near future. At least at the amateur / ranked level. The reason is, he has 2 uniqueness that other Fighter heroes don’t have. First, his first skill damage can be stacked permanently. Second, his ultimate skill allows this hero to open the locations of all the opposing heroes.

This location information is even more important because great players can make use of the location information for a variety of purposes. So, if your BP or Diamond is tight, we suggest saving for Aldous instead of Selena.

Hero Update

Minotaur Mobile Legends
Minotaur Mobile Legends

There are 4 heroes whose skills are updated this time. However, most likely, not all of them will make the hero immediately steal the attention.

Here are the 4 heroes who got the update:

  • Gatot Kaca
  • Hayabusa
  • Gord
  • Minotaur

Once again, you can read complete information about changes / updates to these heroes in your respective in-game inboxes.

Of the 4 heroes earlier, Gord might not have an effect at all on his popularity at the pro or amateur level because only one skill was updated. Honestly, Gord needs a major overhaul in his ultimate skills so he can compete with other Mage heroes.

Gatot Kaca and Hayabusa may not experience major changes in terms of popularity either. Hayabusa still frequently appears at the amateur and pro levels. This update will not make it unsold.

Meanwhile, Gatot Kaca is arguably not bad in terms of its popularity. Not as good as Grock or Akai but not as bad as Franco or Tigreal. This update also won’t make him jump to beat Akai and Grock’s popularity because these 2 tankers are much more useful at the professional level. Even so, from my personal experiment, because I really like using tankers, Gatot Kaca has become a little tougher than before.

The Minotaur update is the most interesting of the 4 heroes earlier. The reason is, Mino was a Tanker for a million people both at the pro and amateur level. However, with the emergence of many new tankers, such as Hylos (who also don’t need Mana because they can use Health), this cow never leaves the cage again.

It is possible that the Minotaur will appear again in the martial world because this update makes it even more interesting.

Equipment / Item Update

It is this aspect that will change much of competitive META in the future. One of the closest is Final Qualifier for MPL Indonesia Season 2 which will be held 6-8 July 2018. The reason is, there are many new items that now have active skills.

The active skill of this equipment will later determine which team can adapt more quickly to take advantage of new potentials. The new passive skills can also change the actual META but it will not be as significant as the emergence of active skills from new equipment.

The shift of the top teams in the martial world of Mobile Legends has become enormous thanks to these active skills. Aerowolf Roxy, Louvre, RRQ.O2 and other big names may descend if they are not able to adapt quickly.

Of course, this update will be a new start for professional and top teams to learn, but how big the impact will be will make Mobile Legends tournaments after this update even more interesting.

Online Qualifier 2 MPL Indonesia Season 2

As we wrote earlier, the closest MPL Indonesia Season 2 Final Qualifier will be the first proof that our players are adapting. Oh yeah, MSC 2018 which reportedly will be held in a few months (wait for the announcement!) Will also be even more interesting thanks to this update.

What do you think? How much will this update change to the martial world of Mobile Legends at the amateur or professional level? Write your comments below!