MIBR and Team Liquid are rumored to be exchanging players, the right choice?

Realm Counter-strike: Global Offensive on the continent of America is being horrified by the luscious issue of change rooster from 2 big teams from North America and Brazil, namely Team Liquid and Made In Brazil (MIBR).

MiBR is hit by rumors that it will replace 2 American players, Tarik “Pull“Celik and Jake”Stewie2k“Yip.

This legendary organization chose to become the Brazilian national team, aka a team of 5 Brazilian players instead of bringing in American players.

Drag & Stewie2k. Source: HLTV

It was rumored that the Brazilian team will bring back their former player, Epitacio “TACODe Melo. TACO has indeed been part of the team since they were under the auspices of Luminosity and SK Gaming. But in March 2018, he decided to leave and join Team Liquid.

TACO with SK Gaming roster at BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen 2017. Source: HLTV

Apart from TACO, it was rumored that they were targeting one of their 2 targets, namely between Vito “kNgV-“Giuseppe, or bring a talented young player named Kaike”kscerato“Cerato. Kscerato is predicted as one of the Brazilian star candidates in the future.


Apart from that, it was also rumored that MiBR would terminate the contract from coach them, Janko “YNkPaunović. YNk himself was previously an analyst who often appeared at various big events CS: GO.

But he decided to move job to coaching some time ago, with the MiBR team as its first team.

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Turning to the issue from North American soil, Team Liquid is rumored to be bringing Jake “Stewie2K“Yip to replace Epitacio”TACODe Melo.

This decision is actually quite unfortunate because until now, Liquid is still perched in the top position CS: GO world, namely in ranking 2, just below the Astralis.

This decision seemed to anticipate hindered communication at the MiBR. Previously, the team led by Gabriel “FalleN“Toledo always plays with full Brazil rooster.

However, since the departure of TACO and Boltz, this team decided to bring two former Cloud9 players who are not fluent in Portuguese at all.

This decision is of course related to the performance of this team which has declined compared to its time with TACO.

Since their formation in June 2018, they have only held one trophy in their hands. The tournament is the 2018 ZOTAC Masters Cup.

mibr zotac cup
MIBR won the 2018 ZOTAC Masters Cup. Source: MIBR Twitter

This step should be the best step that MIBR can take in restoring its glory.

Considering the arrival of Stewie2k and pulling it has been criticized for this “Made In Brazil” team. In fact, we also named the incident as roster change worst in this year.

Whatever happens, we still hope for the best for MIBR going forward. And is it with this change that Liquid is freed from the curse runner-up? Let’s wait for the sequel!

If true, rooster of Made In Brazil would be as follows:

  • Gabriel “FalleN“Toledo
  • Marcelo “coldzeraDavid
  • Fernando “fer“Alvarenga
  • Epitacio “TACODe Melo
  • Kaike “kscerato“Cerato
Source: HLTV

And if true, rooster from Team Liquid will be as follows:

  • Jonathan “EliGEJablonowski
  • Nick “nitr0“Cannella
  • Keith “NAFMarkovic
  • Russell “Twistzz“Van Dulken
  • Jake “Stewie2K“Yip

Edited by Yubian A. Huda