Midas Club Announce Parting with Mandy

One of the most well-known teams in Brazil, namely Midas Club just announced the release of one of their players, Mandy.

Mandy, a player who was previously a midlaner for the Midas Club team, has just been announced to be parting ways with his team. At the age that is still relatively young, which is 18 years old, there is a possibility that he will soon be recruited by another pro team.

In the official fanpage post, Midas Club also stated his gratitude for Mandy’s services, which made them achieve several targets while still in the team.

Roster Midas Club now:

  • Guilherme ‘FuckinEh ‘ Silva
  • Rodrigo ‘Lipose‘Lelis
  • Lucas’Bardo‘Raphael
  • Thiago ‘Thiolicor‘Cordeiro