MidOne Becomes the Second Player to Reach 10,000 MMR

One more surprise came from other SEA players, namely MidOne as a Malaysian-blooded player who just managed to reach 10,000 MMR. With this achievement, he became the second player in the world to reach that number, following in the footsteps of Abed as the first player to also reach 10,000 MMR.

And based on the results of the stream we got, Midone confirmed that he would issue a post about his journey of up to 10,000 MMR.

Besides that Midone really made his words come true, he previously said it would take 3 months to reach 10,000 MMR and it really happened.

Midone, who is the player role Midlaner for Team Secret, has to get ready to face The International 2017. Hopefully this achievement will affect Team Secret’s performance later. Goodluck Midone, Goodluck Team Secret.